EDEKA Center Wehrmann is among the top 3 in the “Frozen Star 2022”.

September 14, 2022

EDEKA Center Wehrmann is among the top 3 in the “Frozen Star 2022”.

Store manager Falk Langhof (2nd from left) and his colleague Marion Hinz (3rd from left) are proud to have made it into the top 3 with their frozen food department at the EDEKA Center Wehrmann and are happy together with the representatives of the others Top 3 markets on the stage at the award ceremony (Image source: Peter Eilers for Lebensmittel Praxis).

The deep-frozen department of the EDEKA Center Wehrmann in Löhner Straße 315 is one of the top 3 in the “Frozen Star 2022”. The industry competition is announced annually by the trade journal “Lebensmittel Praxis”. After an extensive decision-making process, the winners have now been awarded at a celebratory gala.

Together with the German Frozen Food Institute and the Frozen Food Industry Association, the “Lebensmittel Praxis” annually honors outstanding frozen departments in the German food retail trade, which have a forward-looking character and present the potential of frozen food in an innovative way. The submitted applications were checked using a catalog of criteria and critically examined in several steps. Applicants who made it to the next round were visited unannounced and anonymously by the editors of “Lebensmittel Praxis” and the service and the frozen food department were tested. A top-class jury from trade and industry finally named the nominees in various categories. The highlight of the competition was the presentation and awarding of prizes to the winners in the “Flora” festival hall in Cologne.

Although the EDEKA Center Wehrmann narrowly missed out on victory, the fact that the jury chose the store’s frozen department among the top 3 is still a distinction and a great honor for store manager Falk Langhof: “I’m very proud of my team and their performance. This rating is a real motivation for us and shows that the commitment of our employees is worthwhile. At the same time, it spurs us on to keep going and to become even better.”

The jury was particularly impressed by the pronounced trend awareness and the creative ideas of the EDEKA team. For example, the EDEKA Center Wehrmann was one of the first stores to include the fish finger pizza, which had previously become virally popular, in its range. There is also a so-called “men’s parking lot” in the department, which is of course to be understood with a wink. This seating area is furnished with fine leather armchairs, fishing magazines and barbecue magazines. Of course, all customers are cordially invited to take a break here. Another highlight of the EDEKA Center is the cooking school with a test kitchen. Here, employees in the deep-freeze department are constantly testing new products and cooking them- selves in order to be able to give customers the best possible advice.


The jury also rated the clear structure, the appropriate decorations and the additional placements particularly positively. Within the frozen department, which is marked with stylistic ice cubes and snowflakes, the matching burger buns and sauces can be found on shelves directly above the frozen burger patties.