EDEKA Alte Brauerei in Eberswalde donates 3,300 euros to social projects and regional institutions

August 15, 2022

EDEKA Alte Brauerei in Eberswalde donates 3,300 euros to social projects and regional institutions

 Customers have decided: First place goes to the Sonnenhof children’s hospice in Berlin-Pankow

• Voting using donation chips and collection tubes in the store

The EDEKA store Alte Brauerei at Wilhelmstraße 41 has now handed over donations of 3,300 euros to social projects and organizations. The customers decided which institution was supported with which amount. From a purchase value of ten euros, they received a donation chip at the checkout. They could then throw this into the collection tube of their favorite at a large donation wall. At the end of the campaign, the donation chips were counted, and the sums were awarded based on the ranking determined.

Social commitment is a matter of course for the EDEKA team. The market in Eberswalde regularly supports smaller and larger institutions and clubs from the region and beyond, whether jerseys for the sports club, food for the Eberswalde Zoo or donations from the deposit donation box. With the current campaign, the EDEKA Alte Brauerei gave its customers the opportunity to decide for themselves who gets how much money.

For a month, customers could throw their donation chips into the collection tube of their favourite. The children’s hospice Sonnenhof in Pankow received the most chips and can now look forward to a donation of 1,000 euros. In second place was the Förderkreis wolke 17, which urgently needs the donation sum of 750 euros for a bright and child-friendly redesign of the patient rooms in the Eberswalde children’s clinic. 500 euros went to the wildcat and species protection center Felidae in Barnim. The money is used to rescue, raise and care for endangered wild cats.

But none of the ten selected institutions on the donation wall went empty-handed: Fourth to tenth place in the donation chip ranking gave 150 euros each. Doreen Mattot, owner of the EDEKA store Alte Brauerei, is happy about the successful fundraising marathon: “I think it’s great how committed each individual person is to their respective organization and how great and sensibly our donation is used. “She also thanked the customers for taking part in the donation marathon. “The campaign was very well received by our customers. They really enjoyed it and literally asked for the chip with every purchase,” says the self-employed saleswoman.


The recipients of donations at a glance:
1. Sonnenhof – hospice for children, adolescents and young adults (1,000 euros)
2. Förderkreis wolke 17 – children’s clinic Eberwalde (750 euros)
3. Wild cat and species protection center Felidae (500 euros)
4. Children’s Academy Eberswalde (150 Euro)
5. Kindergarten Pusteblume (150 Euro)
6. Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (150 Euro)
7. Eichhorst Youth Fire Brigade (150 Euro)
8. Eberswalder Sportclub eV (150 Euro)
9. Fire Brigade Promotion Association Britz-Kolonie eV (150 Euro)
10. Con passione flute orchestra Eberswalde eV (150 Euro)