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EDEKA accelerates with regionality.


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EDEKA accelerates with regionality.

After a year, the site now has more than 500 registered vendors.

Goods and agricultural products from Thuringia, Saxony, and Northern Bavaria travel only a short distance to the EDEKA stores and are just as fresh as if they were just picked up at the farm or from a nearby speciality factory.

Regionality is a matter of heart for EDEKA, not just a necessary portfolio to set itself apart from the competition. And not simply because

Since the spring of 2022, the EDEKA group of firms, which operates in Northern Bavaria, Saxony, and Thuringia, has been providing a new online platform for regional and local manufacturers and producers.

Here is the place where farmers and other small to medium-sized food producers can showcase their businesses and their wares. In addition to a corporate photo, logo, contact details, and other information on delivery, you may submit pictures and present your own items. Other information on delivery can also be included.

The objective is to provide the merchants who are part of the EDEKA cooperative with new business impetus, to bring attention to desirable suppliers located in their area, and, preferably, to conduct business with those suppliers.

After a little under a year, the platform already has over 530 regional vendors, which is more than what EDEKA had planned for when it first launched the initiative.

The goal of the portal is to assist in making the product range in stores even more regional, which is a significant wish on the part of both consumers and producers, as well as being in keeping with the spirit of EDEKA. The listings for the markets typically include thirty to forty regional manufacturers on average.

Maintainable at relatively close distances

According to Purchasing Director Gert Lehmann, “Parallel to the growth of the platform, the EDEKA region has also altered its standards so that small and medium-sized manufacturers can now supply our stores more readily.” As a direct consequence of this, the responsibility for the selection of items is increased where you have the greatest level of familiarity, namely with the neighbourhood

EDEKA stores. Lehmann places particular emphasis on the fact that regional added value and diversity are other good consequences of decentralized supply structures, in addition to the fact that decentralized supply structures reduce the distance that producers must travel. Last but not least, if a reference to the meal’s place of origin can be derived, it helps customers feel much more connected to the food they select.

EDEKA accelerates with regionality.

First regional markets at the start

EDEKA has developed a regional store shop-in-shop concept to put even more focus on the regional ranges. The “farm shops” can be found in the markets:


  • E-Center Schneidermarkt, Otto-Hahn-Strasse 1, 95447 Bayreuth and
  • E-Center Seidl, Fritz-Hornschuch-Strasse 9, 95326 Kulmbach


Food producers who are interested in supplying the EDEKA markets in the region can find the portal at: Home (foodstarter.edeka)


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