€80,000 is donated to integration efforts by Heinrich Winery and SPAR Austria.

January 10, 2023

SPAR Austria and Heike and Gernot Heinrich’s Winery contributed €80,000 to help the Integrationshaus in Vienna and the Tralalobe Association with their crucial work. These two humanitarian organisations offer housing, educational possibilities, legal or psychosocial counselling, and other services to persons who have fled their home country.

The Heinrich winery’s “Good Wines” are sold nowhere else but at the hypermarket chain INTERSPAR, which has an exclusive distribution deal with the company. The Integrationshaus in Vienna and the Tralalobe Association each receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle that is made. The proceeds from the sale of these wines brought in a total of € 40,000 throughout the calendar year 2022. The sum that was contributed was increased by SPAR Austria to a total of €80,000.

Over 860 thousand euros have been contributed to the integration network ever since the beginning of this cooperation in 2013. “The conflict in Ukraine is not the only factor contributing to an increase in the number of persons looking for assistance as well as an increase in the demand for housing and counselling services. The conditions that refugees are living in are deteriorating on a daily basis as a result of inflation and the tight labour market. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly necessary not to forget about those people who require assistance after having to escape their native nation. “We believe that the consumption of our wines should help bring more attention to this issue,” said Heike and Gernot Heinrich.

Help with finances, as well as increased consciousness
When you have to escape your native country, it is not simple to readjust to life in a different setting. Recent spikes in prices have made life increasingly challenging for persons whose families were forced to flee their homes as a result of war or persecution. Both the Integrationshaus in Vienna and the Tralalobe Association are dedicated to addressing the challenges that are unique to particular groups and providing support in the form of counselling, housing, and educational possibilities.

“With the help of this donation, we are supporting vital integration work that provides individuals with the assurance of a life filled with perspective in spite of the difficult circumstances we are living in. Furthermore, it is crucial for us to support the ‘Good Wines’ campaign with the Heinrich Winery since, in addition to producing financial support, we raise consumers’ awareness of the problem, as remarked by the Board Director of SPAR Austria, Markus Kaser.

€80,000 is donated to integration efforts by Heinrich Winery and SPAR Austria.

Source: SPAR Austria

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About SPAR Austria

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