E.Leclerc Blocked the Prices of 979 Products of its Brand for Successful Eco+.

April 6, 2023

E.Leclerc Blocked the Prices of 979 Products of its Brand for Successful Eco+

While E.Leclerc remains the price leader, the brand announces an additional effort to relieve its customer portfolio in the second quarter of 2023. From 3 April to 30 June, the prices of each product of the Eco+ brand will be blocked when cashing, on the basis of a price reference set on 1 April. Whether it’s food (fresh food, grocery, beverages), hygiene or maintenance products (home, car…) but also drugstores, brico/jardi or offerings for pets, consumers will have the assurance to cover all their needs at E.Leclerc ceiling prices, regardless of the rise in inflation, and on 1000 essential products.

Nearly 1,000 prices blocked from 3 April to 30 June 2023
The operations are very large: these are the prices of 1000 products,
food (fresh products, grocery, beverages…) but also hygiene, maintenance of the house, garden or car, paperwork or animal shop, which E.Leclerc chooses to block for a minimum of 3 months. According to a price index set on April 1, 2023, the increase in any of these 979 products will not affect consumers when buying and will be absorbed by the sign. The operation is implemented in the 734 stores of the E.Leclerc Movement as well as in all its drives.
Putting on Eco+ for this high-impact anti-inflation measure, E.Leclerc makes the choice
This is a brand that is popular with consumers. Eco+ attracted 600,000 new customers in 2022 and grew by more than 30% in early 2023.

It accounts for 30% of the first-price market in France, very favored by the smallest households.

ECO+: A brand that combines premium price, quality and transparency
The first-prize Eco+ brand has been defending the same leitmotiv for almost 25 years: offering the cheapest offer on the market for everyday products, freeing itself from unnecessary costs without giving up on quality. Eco+ is the only premium brand to display the Nutri-Score on all its food products, with more than one-third of them having an A or B score. It is also transparent on the origin of the ingredients and their place of manufacture (96% of its food products made in France or Europe). Finally, it tests its products blindly every year at a consumer panel, which is the cornerstone of a very demanding quality policy.
Whether it is fresh products (meat, vegetables, cremaries…), grocery stores, beverages
Hygiene or household products, but also offerings for animals (petfood, litière…), drugstore, DIY, gardening or paperwork, Eco+ covers all the essential and daily needs of households.