Thursday, July 25, 2024

Drylock organizes the first edition of its Private Label Academy (PL Academy)

Introducing the Next Generation of Private Label Expertise

Drylock organizes the first edition of its Private Label Academy (PL Academy)! Drylock Technologies hosted the primary edition of its Drylock Private Label Academy (PL Academy), bringing together representatives from the main Latin American retail organizations for a 5-day event in Europe.

Vice-presidents of Drylock Brazil, Alex Ornelas and Eduardo Dallagnese, at the side of income managers, followed representatives from organizations consisting of Tenda Atacado, Grupo Mateus, Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (GPA), DPSP Group, Bemol, RD Group, Arcom, Incopro, São João Pharmacies, Panvel, and Pague Menos Pharmacies.

The ride started in Spain with a go-to Drylock’s production plant in Segovia, recognised for its era, innovation, and sustainability. The whole trip became licensed as CO2-neutral in 2024 through Eccaplan. To offset the carbon footprint, the timber had been planted within the Drylock Forest in Segovia, initiated symbolically by the visitors.

The institution then travelled to Portugal, where they attended a category on retail manufacturers within the European marketplace at Universidade Nova SBE in Lisbon, which ranks 18th among the world’s nicest executive education institutions, according to the Financial Times. To decorate their mastering, the institution visited stores with huge private label shares, guided by the aid of a professor from Nova University, and kept control.

“The goal of the first Drylock Private Label Academy (PL Academy) was to gain know-how and jointly increase the private label market in Latin America among enterprise and retail,” defined Dallagnese.

This initiative is part of the “Our Brand” campaign released this year in Brazil. The marketing campaign objectives are to focus on Drylock’s importance in Brazil’s private label marketplace, particularly in children’s diapers and products for urinary incontinence.


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