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Driving significant advancement with John Deere Power Systems


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Driving significant advancement with John Deere Power Systems



A variety of technological solutions are displayed by John Deere at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.



In addition to developing electric drivetrain and telematics solutions for OEM machinery, John Deere has increased the scope of its powertrain options to include a new engine architecture that makes it easier to integrate renewable fuels. The JD4 engine and John Deere Connected SupportTM are just two of the most recent John Deere innovations for the industrial market that will be on exhibit at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in the indoor John Deere booth (West Hall, Booth W40844). In the outdoor John Deere booth, the business’s brand-new split path electrical mechanical transmission will be on show. (Silver Lot, Booth S5020).

“In order to satisfy the vast and diverse requirements of the off-highway market, we as an industry need to be open to a variety of solutions when considering how to move towards a low-carbon future. According to Pierre Guyot, senior vice president of John Deere Power Systems, there will not be a single approach to achieving the company’s objective of low- and nearly zero carbon emissions. (JDPS). As electric and hybrid drivetrains, as well as renewable fuels, play a part in ensuring a more sustainable future for the off-highway sector, we must prioritise the development of ICE technologies. With the help of hybridization and renewable fuels, the industry will be able to decarbonize its current fleets, making emissions reductions more effective and rapid.

An examination of motor developments up close

Internal combustion engines (ICEs) will continue to be the most practical option in the near future for some customers and heavy-duty applications, even though advancements in electrification are assisting in the expansion of sustainable power solutions for the off-highway sector.

The Lineup of Future Engines

OEMs are searching for solutions to satisfy regulations without sacrificing the performance of their equipment as emissions rules become more stringent. In order to better assist customers in navigating the constantly shifting equipment power landscape, JDPS completely redesigned its engine architecture, utilising the best John Deere technologies to bring new levels of dependability, durability, flexibility, and serviceability for a variety of heavy-duty applications. This engine architecture provides an expanded power range and makes it easier to integrate renewable fuels with combustion engines. OEMs can incorporate John Deere power and performance across their entire line of equipment, from 36 to 677 kW. (48 to 908 hp). The JD4, JD14, and JD18 are all part of the Next Generation Engine series.

The JD18 has been selected as a candidate for CONEXPO’s first Next Level Awards Program. The prize was developed to recognise exhibiting businesses that are pushing the limits of innovation and technology to advance the building sector. The CONEXPO attendees will vote on-site to determine the victor.

The JD4, the newest engine in the Next Generation Engine series, will be making its debut at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. The JD4 has a rear gear train that offers customers minimal noise and high PTO power, producing up to 120 kW (161 hp) of power. For exceptional high-load capability and efficiency, the engine also has an extended single turbo range and offers 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of maximum torque.


JDPS is improving the design and technology of its current engine offerings as it broadens its engine lineup to suit a wider range of power and performance needs. A new and enhanced 9.0L engine is being released by JDPS. The John Deere exhibit will feature the JD9 for the first time. The 9.0L engine’s next revision has been made to reduce complexity and installation costs while preserving the outstanding quality and dependability for which John Deere engines are renowned. (The current 9.0L that is in production will continue to be available.)

dedication to using renewable fuels

The goal of John Deere is to offer its clients the most cutting-edge, cost-efficient, and efficient renewable fuel solutions. John Deere believes that biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel are the most promising choices for integration into the off-highway equipment industry in the near future among the various renewable fuels that are currently available. When contrasted to the more time-consuming process of switching to electric vehicles, John Deere sees the promising potential of renewable fuels for the short-term, rapid decarbonization of existing fleets. The U.S. Department of Energy awarded John Deere a grant in 2022 with the intention of assisting in the development of solutions to lower greenhouse gas emissions for both on- and off-road cars. In an effort to provide its clients with greater value and productivity, the company is making use of its top-tier engineering expertise to evaluate and test new technologies that make it easier to integrate renewable fuels with combustion engine technology.

increasing the selection of electric drivetrains

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG, John Deere is also showcasing its brand-new split path electrical mechanical gearbox. Improved productivity, simplicity, uptime, and efficiency are all features of this new electrical mechanical transmission, which also paves the way for hybridization and the possibility for electrical power off-boarding. The new electrical mechanical transmission opens up countless opportunities for how the off-boarded power could be used to power other implements as more OEMs seek to incorporate electric power.

Having a connection when it counts

Through proactive equipment health monitoring, which triggers predictive alerts to dealers so they can manage part replacement and schedule maintenance to increase customers’ uptime, John Deere Connected Support, made possible by John Deere remote monitoring and diagnostic services, aids in maintaining OEM equipment in peak operating condition. The company’s dedication to providing outstanding customer support and service is strengthened by John Deere Connected Support, which has no subscription fees and is supported by a vast service network of more than 9,000 service dealer sites around the world. For information on the availability of particular engine types, speak with your local John Deere dealer or distributor.

From March 14 to March 18, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, stop by the JDPS booth (West Hall, Booth W40844) to learn more about John Deere powertrain and electronic systems.

Concerning Deere & Company

The company Deere & Company (www.JohnDeere.com) is a leader in the supply of forestry, construction, and agricultural machinery worldwide. We assist our clients in pushing the envelope of what is conceivable in order to advance life in more sustainable and fruitful ways. We support the world’s growing need for infrastructure, food, and shelter by providing technology-enabled goods like the John Deere Autonomous 8R Tractor, See & SprayTM, and E-Power Backhoe. Through John Deere banking, Deere & Company also offers banking services.

Visit us at www.deere.com/en/news/ for more details about Deere & Company.



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