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Dole Packaged Foods prioritizes healthy snacks at Expo West 2024

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, of ​​Westlake Village, California, is reaffirming the commitments outlined in The Dole Promise at the Natural Products Expo West from March 12 to the Sixteenth, 2024 in Anaheim, California, these terms are “Dole- vicious, 2024. ” ” and the desire to be able to meet the American call for alternative energy sources and liquids. Focused on innovation and excitement, Dole remains committed internationally to reducing sugar consumption and offering consumers innovative ways to incorporate lifestyle fruit into their day, providing better nutrition for more than 1 billion people internationally.

Orjce Hody, senior vice president and CEO of Dole Packaged Foods in the U.S. put weight on the company’s choices to meet changing consumer preferences. Hodi stressed the demand for affordable, environmentally friendly merchandise with reduced or no artificial sugars, but taste profiles are growing Visitors to Expo West can truly embody this promise under the title “Sunshine For All® through Dole-icious Nutrition.”

After the success of last year’s launch of healthy, sugar-free products in snacks, drinks, and frozen food, Dole received accolades as the “best innovation” with new packaging that came to the planet to promote its commitment to the people. Exhibits include:

Dole Smoothie Jars®

The groundbreaking easy pre-portioned fruit smoothie maker, which is now transitioning to paper cups, reduces the use of plastic by 97 percent compared to the traditional model’s shell

Dole® Fruit Bowl® Snacks

The variety of fruit-filled single-serve dishes is expanding with new and delicious options, such as pineapple tidbits in coconut water and mango in water

Dole Wiggles® fruit juice gel

Another award-winning product is in the gel snack category, offering gel snacks made with real fruit juice in flavours like strawberry, orange, and cherry.

Dole® drinks

Nutritious fruit juices and fortified juices such as Dole® Digestive Bliss™ and Dole® Energy Delight™, which are low in sugar, include the award-winning Dole® Canned Light Pineapple Juice Drink.

Dole Whip® frozen therapeutic cups

Healthy frozen fruit with real fruit, including organic oranges, has only 110 calories per cup and is sweetened with honey.

Dole® Crunch Pa™

There is a satisfying, 100% award-winning smoothie, original pineapple bites, banana bites, chilli nuts bites, and pineapple, with no oil and no added sugar.

Dole recognizes that consumers have a strong preference for brands that focus on both nutrition and sustainability. In keeping with Dole’s pledge, efforts to reduce plastic packaging include the introduction of new paper packaging for Dole smoothie cups, scheduled for late 2024. Additionally, Dole’s commitment to sustainability extends to its long-standing practice of offering recyclable metal bottles fruit, and beverages, now Consumer Packed-Available -Available materials, and certified climate data provided by Carbon Cloud, the leading emissions management organization in the commodity industry

Dole’s latest innovation reflects the company’s commitment to the Dole Promise, which aims to improve access to healthy food and increase access to low- or zero-refined sugar for 1 billion people worldwide Dole focuses on food waste reduction, and sustainable production It also focuses on strategies and applications, and emphasizes its dedication to people and the planet, which will reaffirm the former

Visitors to Natural Products Expo West 2024 can explore Dole’s offerings and sample products at the Dole Booth. For more information on Dole’s products, visit

In the case of Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC is a global leader in the manufacture, sourcing, distribution, and marketing of healthy fruits and snacks in four major categories: beverages, snacks, frozen, and point-of-sale collapse. The company offers packaged shelf-stable fruits, frozen fruits, dried fruits, and juices, with a focus on supporting pillars of sustainability such as consumption juices, carbon footprint reduction, land conservation, and waste reduction For further information, please visit

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