DISH POS is now accessible in Germany as well.

March 14, 2023

DISH POS is now accessible in Germany as well.

At INTERNORGA in Hamburg, METRO Germany and Hospitality Digital will present an integrated POS solution.

METRO Germany will launch DISH POS to a large professional German audience at the top international trade fair for the out-of-home market INTERNORGA in Hamburg from March 10–14. The intelligent all-in-one cloud-based POS system is simple to use, saves time and money, and helps HoReCa operators manage, administrate, and optimize their business and operational processes. INTERNORGA is the signal to begin the roll-out in Germany’s domestic market following the initial country debut in France in January. Thus, METRO is moving one step closer to its strategy goal of offering multichannel solutions. The sCore growth strategy, which seeks to boost the digital share of sales to 40% by 2030, includes digital solutions as a crucial component.

“We are thrilled that we can now introduce DISH POS to German customers just a few weeks after the successful debut in France. As our home market and one of METRO’s top-selling nations, Germany is of special strategic importance, and it is here that we first provided DISH solutions in 2018. In the meantime, rather than just providing ad-hoc digital services, we are creating a global digital ecosystem for the hotel sector, according to Dr. Volker Glaeser, CEO of hotel Digital. Germany has a very diverse hospitality industry, with roughly 130,000 restaurants, pubs, and snack bars, and a commensurate market opportunity. “Our POS solution is an important step towards more efficient and quicker order and payment processing in the restaurant industry,” adds Frank Jaeniche, Managing Director Sales METRO Germany.

16 nations already offer DISH solutions, and DISH POS will be gradually introduced in each of them. Starting this summer, the POS system will be accessible throughout Germany and can be used with smartphones or tablets as well as current DISH tools like DISH Professional Order or DISH Professional Reservation. DISH POS connects the guest, service, kitchen, and counter in the guest room and guarantees seamless transactions all the way through payment. Additionally, restaurant owners can analyze their data at any moment and use it to inform better planning. The ability to automatically monitor inventory levels, buy supplies as necessary, and replenish them using the METRO delivery service will be available in the future.