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Diageo introduces ‘The Joy of Responsible Drinking’ before the holiday season.


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Diageo introduces ‘The Joy of Responsible Drinking’ before the holiday season.

Diageo, known for brands like Guinness, Smirnoff, and Johnnie Walker, has launched a new worldwide campaign called ‘The Magic of Moderate Drinking.’ This campaign aims to make responsible drinking something to aspire to, especially during festive times.
It highlights that enjoying drinks sensibly, rather than excessively, lets you savour every moment. The campaign’s main video features Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray 0.0, and Seedlip, showcasing how responsible drinking can take different forms for different people. It suggests various ways to moderate, such as spacing drinks with water or food, choosing non-alcoholic options, or keeping track of how much you drink.
Partnering with Marmalade Film and Media, this global campaign will continue throughout the year, appearing in various places, including London’s main underground stations and Diageo’s social media channels. It will also focus on events worldwide in places like Great Britain, North America, China, and Brazil.
Diageo’s Global Society Director, Kate Gibson, expressed excitement about the campaign challenging old beliefs about responsible drinking. She emphasized that moderation doesn’t mean sacrificing fun.
The CEO of Marmalade Film and Media, Claire Eades, highlighted their fresh approach to promoting moderation, aiming to shift behaviours positively. They aimed to show that moderate drinking is a positive choice for everyone to enjoy special occasions.
Diageo has revamped its positive drinking page on its website to support the campaign, offering resources like DRINKiQ and showcasing its latest responsible drinking initiatives.
Diageo is dedicated to promoting moderation and addressing alcohol misuse as part of its long-term sustainability plan, Society 2030: Spirit of Progress. They aim to reach one billion people with messages of moderation by 2030.
In September, aligning with similar global campaigns, Diageo launched a responsible drinking campaign as students returned to universities. It ran digitally across campuses in England, Scotland, and Wales.

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