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Diageo has finalized the sale of Safari to Casa Redondo.

Diageo agrees sale of Safari; why?

Diageo has finalized the sale of its fruit-flavored liqueur known as “Safari” to a Portuguese firm named Casa Redondo. Casa Redondo is famous for their alcohol beverages. This sale fits in with Diageo’s plan of action which involves concentrating on efficient portfolio management.

Mostly Safari is selling in Benelux countries, Portugal and Turkiye. By putting the brand under new management in the hands of a company that already has established customers across different markets. Diageo hopes that it will grow faster throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

“The sale of Safari is indicative of our commitment to sustainable growth and value creation at Diageo,” said John Kennedy. Who serves as President Europe at the company before. He added; “This deal enables us to focus more deeply on areas like tequila or whisky. Where we have core strengths as we strive towards becoming one among top performing global consumer goods enterprises recognized for trustworthiness.”

Daniel Redondo (Chief Executive Officer) and Ricardo Redondi (Chief Financial Officer), both executives from Casas Redondos expressed excitement over this acquisition stating that they were delighted by purchasing such an iconic product from Diageos. They also highlighted their dedication towards increasing premium brands. Which resonate well with international customers while integrating Safari into our family brands. But still continue delivering excellence through innovation where necessary.

Founded back in 1940s by Jose Carranca Redondo, who came up with many other alcoholic products including best-selling spirit named Licor Beirao. Currently ranked number one locally within the spirits category followed closely behind Aperitivo Per Se managed by them alongside Amarguinha, FoxTale Gin etc. Casa Redondo represents a 3rd generation business success story having grown steadily over the years through various investments. Recently they completed a purchase agreement involving Aldeia Velha brandy. Thus, expanding even further our range of offers.

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