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DESPAR Italia Partner Unveils Renovated Store in Liguria

In a bid to enhance the local shopping experience, DESPAR Italia partner for the northwest region, recently unveiled the newly built DESPAR Express store in Bordighera, which oversees the production of the Liguria Condemnation giant At the end of February, an exciting event brought together a mix of customers, colleagues and partners

DESPAR Italia Partner

Gruppo 3A, DESPAR Italia’s partner in the northwest, pulled out all the stops to mark the event, marking a new chapter for the beloved local store. The renovation wasn’t just about aesthetics; It was a way of putting sustainability first.

The store now features state-of-the-art eco-friendly products such as attached refrigerators and energy-efficient LED lighting, in line with a growing global consciousness of the environment and meeting responsibility.

But it’s not just about being green; the new design was also aimed at making shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers. The layout has been carefully reimagined to create a welcoming environment,

where customers can explore a wide range of food and non-food items, from fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables and meat to temptations such as bread making There is something for everyone.

Commenting on the warm welcome, Valentina and Raphael, the shop’s proud owners, emphasized their dedication to presenting an excessive level of service. For them, it’s all approximately handing over the splendid buying experience that the network needs.

They are dedicated to making sure that clients are happy with normal treats, customized thoughts, and, of course, giant savings through loads of promotions and offerings.

The refurbished DESPAR Express store in Bordighera is more than just a facelift; it is a testament to the continued growth and improvement of the DESPAR logo within the vicinity. This is reflected in their dedication to continuous improvement and meeting the wishes of their unswerving customers.

About SPAR Italy

SPAR Italy, recognized locally as DESPAR Italia, has been a first-rate participant within the Italian retail scene since 1959, when it changed into licensing the SPAR Brand When the primary store opened its doors in 1960, SPAR made history as the first partnership among stores and wholesalers in Italy.

Today, SPAR Italy continues to expand nationally through collaborative efforts with neighbourhood companions, all operating in the direction of the identical purpose of providing high-quality value and service to customers nationally.

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