DESPAR Italia adds five shops to its network.

February 24, 2023

DESPAR Italia adds five shops to its network.


In the past eight weeks, five DESPAR stores have opened their doors throughout Italy, demonstrating ongoing investment by the retail consortium members.

Retailer in the Center-South expands network
End of 2022 saw the inauguration of a second DESPAR neighbourhood store in the Apulia town of Rignano Garganico, which was honoured by Maiora, which operates the SPAR brand in Centre-South Italy.


In the Puglian region of Foggia, a new DESPAR store began operations at the beginning of 2023. With a 250m2 sales area, this store gives customers simple access to everything they need for regular shopping.


There have been established two DESPAR neighbourhood stores, each with a 250m2 retail sales area. Both stores are situated in the towns of Spoltore in the Abruzzo province of Pescara and Carpignano Salentino in the Puglian province of Lecce.


growth of Northwest retailers


The DESPAR Express convenience shop opened in the town of Marene, Piedmont, by the 3A Group, which runs the SPAR brand in Northwest Italy. The shop provides a decent selection of goods to satisfy customer needs in a first-rate shopping environment. The DESPAR Express staff takes pride in providing prompt, courteous service to its clients.


“Our company has the right to have a special relationship with our customers. We get to know each of our clients by name, inquire about their shopping experiences, offer guidance, and make our experience and knowledge accessible. We think that confidence is a decision rather than just a habit. According to independent retailers Claudia and Piera of this DESPAR Express store, the DESPAR name is synonymous with quality and customer service.


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SPAR Italy’s stance

In 1959, the SPAR Brand’s licence was first given to SPAR Italy, also known as DESPAR Italia in the region. The first SPAR shop opened its doors in 1960, making it the first retailer-wholesaler partnership to run a business in the nation. Regional partners are also licenced by SPAR Italy, and they all collaborate to expand the brand’s reach throughout the nation.


The DESPAR consortium runs shops in three different formats: INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, EUROSPAR Supermarkets, and DESPAR Neighborhood Supermarkets. Because of the size of the necessary investment, many of the larger format stores are corporately owned. The organization’s plan to provide communities with a high-quality, specialised grocery offering includes the independently operated neighbourhood supermarkets.