Thursday, July 25, 2024

DayDayCook Acquires Popular Asian Food Brand, Omsom

DDC Enterprise, Ltd., called DayDayCook (NYSEAM: DDC), a multi-logo Asian snack bar, proudly broadcasts the purchase of Omsom, the lively Asian meals brand, with its cooking sauces and saucy noodles, and has been identified for its colourful cultural references. This strategic acquisition, regarding a mixture of cash and stock over 4 years, will increase innovation at Omsom, lowering the time from concept to marketplace by half of Business transactions between DayDayCook and Omsom will streamline the process, enhance monetary ratios, and strengthen their shared venture and imaginative and prescient nature. They intend to establish a strong presence within the Asian food enterprise.

Founder of DayDayCook, Norma Chu, expressed her pleasure about the purchase, announcing, “We are pleased to welcome Omsom to DayDayCook. Founders Vanessa and Kim have created a formidable brand that brings actual taste right into customers’ homes. Our presence is developing rapidly as we’ve introduced Omsom to our own family of U.S. Traffic. For products, we had been becoming members of Nona Lim and Yai’s Thai, which we were given the ultimate year. Having three distinct Asian meal brands in our portfolio will provide improved synergies and product integration, enhancing our operational performance and profitability. We look forward to collaborating with the three brands and making sure that extra Asian-inspired and manufactured merchandise makes its way to the United States. Many kitchens in the future.”

Reflecting on the brand’s journey and future, Omsom co-founder Kim Pham said, “Omsom has always stood for something bigger than the two of us. When we launched the company in May 2020, it had a mission to honour and celebrate the Asian American community. Over the past two years, our fun branding, damn delicious flavours, and apology approach have paved the way – and now, those same values ​​are guiding us to our next chapter. They say, ‘If you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, you go with others,’ and that’s what we love about DayDayCook.”

Omsom CEO and co-founder Vanessa Pham shared her excitement about the partnership, “It all started with a LinkedIn message to Norma. When we first read about DayDayCook’s vision and mission, we knew we had to be a part of it right away. Built with bricks in heart and mind, we are excited for Omsom to continue to prosper in partnership with DayDayCook. Omsom has relentlessly focused on Asian American murals – so it’s only fitting that we accelerate our next chapter with new work set up and led by Asian women.”

The acquisition is an important step for both corporations. Launched in 2020, Omsom has quickly received a dedicated following with its branding and vibrant perfume. We partnered with DayDayCook, a company recognized for its commitment to true Asian food, and expanding its footprint within the US. Yr will permit Omsom to leverage each other’s strengths using adding DayDayCook to its portfolio, which already includes Nona Lim and Yai’s Thai, to cater to the growing demand for Asian meals inside the US. The answer to the. There is a market for answers.

DayDayCook’s acquisition of Omsom reflects plans to extend its reach and decorate its product services through strategic partnerships. The combined knowledge, imagination, and prescience of each agency guarantee to offer clients more clean and proper Asian food, decorate the culinary experience, and have a good time with the numerous flavours of Asian cuisine.


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