Crufts and Asda, joining forces to improve the lives of pets everywhere

May 15, 2023

The Kennel Club, which is responsible for organising Crufts, is ecstatic to announce a brand-new and one-of-a-kind relationship with Asda, which will celebrate pets and provide help for pet owners.


The collaboration, which started this week, will assist in the celebration of pets and the support of all pet owners through the creation of an educational hub on the Crufts website.

This hub will provide owners with helpful tools on how to properly care for their dogs. This will be coupled with value pet goods that are now sold in Asda shops, in addition to a brand new online Crufts Pet Show hosted by Asda, which will feature prizes to help celebrate and enhance life with our dogs.

On the Crufts online Pet Paw-tal, all pet owners will have access to a variety of resources, some of which include information for pet owners such as healthcare recommendations that might assist decrease veterinary expenditures.

Other resources, such as suggestions for saving pennies and home-made goodies, are also examples of resources that will be available to pet owners.

This content, which will be supplemented by an entertaining quiz that will assist owners in determining how much they truly know about their pets, will also be conveniently accessible via QR codes in Asda stores located all over the country.

In the spirit of celebrating what our pets do for us, the partnership will also give all pets – including cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs – the opportunity to enter the Asda Crufts Online Pet Show. The competition will take place on the Crufts website and social channels, and the prizes will range from framed photographs to a vacation that is friendly to pets.

On May 15, the first category, “Best pet companion,” will be open for voting. The winner of this category will get a printed and framed image of their animal companion. Over the next six weeks, there will be more events, culminating in a best in show conclusion on June 23.

The winner of this competition will receive a VIP experience at Crufts 2024, which is considered to be the pinnacle of the event.

“Pets do so much for us, and this partnership is all about giving back to our loyal companions, celebrating the joy they bring into their lives, and helping to support pet owners,” said Helen Fox, Chief Operating Officer of The Kennel Club, the organisers of Crufts.

“Pets are our best friends, and we want to show them how much we appreciate everything they do for us.

” We are thrilled to be collaborating with Asda, who not only shares our love for dogs but also for other kinds of pets, as well as our commitment to upholding our core principles regarding the promotion of responsible pet ownership.

Our pets do so much for us, so this collaboration with Crufts is our way of giving back to them, celebrating the nation’s pets, and supporting owners with great value on our key brands in what we know to be challenging economic times.

Said Raj Varma, Senior Buying Manager at Asda, Pet and Paper said: “Our pets do so much for us, so this collaboration with Crufts is our way of giving back to them.” We are particularly happy about this relationship, which brings Crufts and Asda together – not just for dogs, but for all pets – because it is a wonderful opportunity to see behind the scenes and experience what it is that people love so much about their pets, as well as the fact that there are excellent prizes up for grabs.

We hope that you will join us! We intend to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers all across the country who have dogs by providing them with information and advice on the Crufts Paw-tal website, as well as by offering a superb selection of products in our retail locations and on the website.

Additional cooperation and collaboration information will be available in-store as well as on the Crufts website (