Conad Adriatico Celebrates 50 Years With Continued Sales Growth

June 28, 2022

Conad Adriatico Celebrates 50 Years With Continued Sales Growth

Conad Adriatico is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a nationwide market share of 18% and a turnover of €1.85 billion in 2021 (+7.7%, year on year).

The Italian cooperative and retailer is forecasting further sales growth in 2022, targeting €1.92 billion.

However, the road will not be without obstacles, due to numerous challenges in the form of inflation (energy costs), lower consumer purchasing power, and the effect of the war in Ukraine.

Shareholders’ equity amounted to €250.2 million, while the group ended the year with a net profit of €36 million.

Four-Year Investment Plan

Last year, Conad Adriatico approved a four-year investment plan worth €243.7 million, focused on new openings and the modernisation of existing stores, the digitalisation of activities, and boosting its logistics footprint.

The total amount committed in 2021 was €34 million, of which €13 million was used for new-store openings.

The cooperative was the leading grocery retailer in Abruzzo, with a market share of 32.43%, and the top large-scale food distributor in the Marche region.

Conad Adriatico ended the year with 277 members and 455 stores, with a total area of 376,428 square metres, in various regions of the country: Marche (77 stores), Abruzzo (145), Molise (17), Puglia (167) and Basilicata (7). It also has 42 stores in Albania and Kosovo.

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Multiple Store Formats

The cooperative operates multiple store formats: 24 Spazio Conad, 17 Conad Superstore, 174 Conad, 126 Conad City, 31 Margherita Conad, 61 Todis and 17 L’Alimentare outlets.

Conad Adriatico Celebrates 50 Years With Continued Sales Growth

The network also includes four fuel distributors and one pet store, to which are added 27 prepharmacies – shops that sell everything that one would find in a pharmacy, except medication – 12 opticians, and five Conad Self 24h outlets.

In 2021, Conad Adriatico’s network of local suppliers included 562 local producers, with whom the cooperative has developed a turnover of €434.3 million (+€45.3 million on 2020).