Coles commemorates raising $50 million for Redkite.

February 17, 2023

Coles commemorates raising $50 million for Redkite.


Coles Group has raised $50 million in ten years for Redkite, the top organisation supporting children with cancer, marking its most major community fundraising milestone.


Coincident with Coles’ tenth anniversary of its association with Redkite, which has assisted thousands of Australian families and children affected by cancer, comes the $50 million fundraising milestone.


During the past 10 years, the $50 million in funding has allowed Redkite to assist approximately 60% more Australian families during their child’s health crisis thanks to the generosity of customers and team members. Redkite has been able to provide the following services thanks to money collected at Coles supermarkets and Coles Express stores:


providing assistance to more than 8,000 families in need;
7,000 families have received over 40,000 food vouchers when money is tight;

more than 5,000 families will receive over 23,000 fuel vouchers to help them travel to hospitals for treatment;

About 157,000 hours of counselling for emotional and mental health; 25,000 hours of music therapy to help patients cope with the dread and discomfort of treatment; and 375 Redkite and Coles Dare to Dream Scholarships to help young people with cancer or who have battled the disease realise their dreams.

The achievement, according to Coles Group Chief Executive Officer Steven Cain, supports Coles’ goal of assisting all Australians in leading better, happier lives.


Thousands of families dealing with childhood cancer have received crucial financial, educational, and mental health support thanks to our cooperation with Redkite, he said.


“Unfortunately, three Australian families will be devastated to learn that their kid has cancer every day. We all benefit when we support organisations like Redkite and issues that have a direct impact on the lives of children and families.


We’re grateful to our customers and team members for their support with in-store donations and fundraising over the past ten years as we’re incredibly proud to reach this milestone.


Monique Keighery, CEO of Redkite, congratulated Coles and its clients and noted that the collaboration had allowed Redkite to expand its services to assist thousands more needy families.


She stated that during the previous ten years, “nearly 10,000 children and young people are believed to have received cancer diagnoses in Australia, during which time Redkite’s support for families increased by 58%.”


“Coles, their dedicated crew, and their kind customers made an extraordinary contribution that allowed Redkite to accomplish this. One of Australia’s most fruitful corporate and community collaborations, they have raised a whopping $50 million for cancer patients’ families and children.


The entire Coles team’s compassion, sincerity, and kindness are so exceptional and unlike anything I have ever seen.


Coles’ $50 million fundraising goal has been reached thanks to projects like a five-cent donation from the sale of specially marked Coles Own Brand bread and other products, Coles supermarket fundraising campaigns, Coles Express fundraising campaigns, fun runs, quiz nights, and in-store events like bake sales and morning teas.


Coles and Redkite held an event in Melbourne yesterday to celebrate the fundraising milestone and ten-year anniversary with Redkite families, staff members, and special guests.


In addition, Coles recently launched a new fundraising programme to aid Redkite in helping even more families in need. Five cents from each pack of Coles Double Smoked Leg Ham and Coles Honey Leg Ham, both of which are manufactured with Australian Sow Stall Free Pork, will benefit the project.


JACKSON AND MUM BROOKE: A Case Study on Partnership Impact


In their own words: In August 2021, a Wilms tumour in one of my son Jackson’s kidneys was discovered. Jackson couldn’t be treated at the NT’s paediatric oncology facilities, so I had to take him out of state. We travelled to Brisbane to have his kidney removed and have the tumour biopsied at Queensland Children’s Hospital.


I only brought a small bag for Jackson and myself because I first believed that we would only be in Brisbane for a few days. Jackson had to begin chemotherapy soon after the operation because the tumour was cancerous, so we were unable to return home. Immediately after the surgery, I received a call from the doctor informing me of this.


While Jackson was receiving treatment, my husband, David, kept the other members of the family in Darwin, and Jackson and I moved into a modest apartment supplied by Childhood Cancer Support. By the end of 2021, due to COVID-19 lockdowns and limitations, my family and I had to spend extended periods of time apart.


Christmas was an intriguing occasion since David was able to finally bring the boys to Brisbane. We were all able to come together for the first time in two months. Planning our family Christmas while Jackson was receiving treatment was incredibly difficult, especially with David and the kids visiting. So even though everything was so different this year, we were determined to enjoy Christmas to the fullest.


All of our preparations have to be adjusted at the last minute due to an unexpected lockdown and flooding at the end of 2021. All of a sudden, Jackson and I were the only visitors allowed inside our apartment building. Both the playground and the communal room have been shut down. We barely had time to change our plans for Christmas Eve to a close relative’s home. I recall David and I scurrying around in an effort to conceal gifts and make sure Santa made it to all the kids. Thank goodness Redkite was there with Coles and Coles Express food and petrol certificates that helped us pay for everything.


After Jackson’s treatment was ended, we moved the family to Toowoomba and they have adjusted well. But, we still need to see the oncologist and the renal team every three months.




Please contact Coles Media Line at (03) 9829 5250 or for more information. or 0431 147 793 for Redkite Media


Redkite is a lifeline for families dealing with paediatric cancer. Being the largest national children’s cancer charity in Australia, Redkite provides assistance to all families, regardless of where they reside, throughout their child’s protracted and unpredictable journey, both in the hospital and at home: Visit