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Coca-Cola’s US Economic Contribution in 2022 Reaches $57.8 Billion

Coca-Cola’s US Economic Contribution in 2022 Reaches $57.8 Billion

Coca-Cola has published a announcement about their contribution to US economy on September 19, 2023. The Coca-Cola Company released a study revealing that the Coca-Cola system, comprising the company and 64 independently owned bottlers. In that announcement they said that Coca-Cola’s economic contribution to United States reaches $57.8 billion in the year 2022.

This contribution supported over 854,000 jobs across various sectors like services, manufacturing, agriculture, trade, and transport. Of these jobs, 84,000 were direct system jobs, with an additional 770,000 indirectly supported along the value chain.

The Coca-Cola Company offers a diverse portfolio of nearly 800 beverages under 55 brands across ten beverage categories in the United States. These products are primarily sourced, supplied, produced, manufactured, and distributed within the country. The study was by global consultancy Steward Redqueen. The study highlights that the system invested $27.8 billion in the U.S. economy by purchasing goods and services from American suppliers.

Jennifer Mann, SVP and President of this company North America emphasized the company’s status as a homegrown U.S. business with a unique history of resilience and transformation. He is also attributing its impact to its operating model.
Beyond its economic contributions, the Coca-Cola system dedicate to community engagement. In 2022, it contributed $108 million to community programs through this  Company. And its bottling partners, The Coca-Cola Foundation, and it Scholars Foundation.

These contributions supported various social and environmental causes, including education, youth development, economic empowerment, recycling, water and environmental initiatives, disaster relief, and employee giving. This company system remains committed to addressing individual communities’ specific needs and challenges through collaborative solutions.

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