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The Co-Operative (Co-op) Slashes Prices of 54 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The Co-operative (Co-op) Slashes Prices! From Wednesday (May 29), the co-op has reduced the prices of 54 types of fruit and vegetables for members. This is evident in the “Fresh 3” offer series which is very popular with Co-op members as they show their commitment to cutting prices.

Huge Savings for Members

One of the leading convenience retailers in the country is Co-operative. They are slashing fresh produce prices by an average of 20% with the maximum cut being 44% from previous costs. This will cost them an extra £6.4M meaning that overall investment into savings and price reductions for members now stands at over £100m.

New Prices Unveiled

Co-op is introducing the new prices from this week onwards while increasing discounts under ‘Fresh 3’ promotion on June 19th. The organization’s target is to reach 8 million active members by 2030.

Backing British Growers

The company also aligned with the NFU Fruit and Vegetable Pledge by supporting British farmers who supply them with locally grown produce whenever it is in season.

Examples of How Much Members Save

– Baby Potatoes with Seasoned Butter 360G – Was £1.80
– Little Gem Lettuce 2(S) – Was £1.20
– Irresistible Cherry Tomatoes 225G – Was £2.55
– Plums Punnet – Was £1.65
– Jersey Royal Potatoes 750G – Was £2.00
– Pink Lady Apples (4s) – Was £2.75

Pledged to Provide the Best

“We are committed to providing our members with quality fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices while also supporting British farmers and encouraging healthy living,” said Rosie Bramley, Commercial Manager for Buying at Co-op.

Growing Membership: Retailer of the Year

The Co-operative was ‘Retailer of the Year’ by British Berry Growers in 2003. This award-winning organization signaled about their intent to grow even further by revealing plans to increase membership from 5 million to 8 million within coming year 2030. If they can achive their goal; it would make them one of the largest retailers on earth. At their recent Annual General Meeting nearly all attending members voted in favor of price reductions for healthy lines.

The Co-operative

Co-op is a very big company owned by its customers who involved in various sectors like food, funerals insurance and legal activities hence their tagline being “Good for Everyone”. The movement consists of 2,400 retail outlets where over 800 funeral homes as well as employing 56 thousand persons with an annual income that exceeds eleven billion pounds sterling.


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