Carrefour is providing all of its employees in France with access to fintech company Filib’s financial coaching service to help them better manage their savings and get ready for retirement.

November 3, 2022

Carrefour is providing all of its employees in France with access to fintech
company Filib’s financial coaching service to help them better manage their
savings and get ready for retirement.


From now on, each of the 85,000 Carrefour Group employees in France has access to a special digital
platform. They can book remote 30-minute personal consultations with coaches who are specialists in
financial savings and retirement.
These consultations will be completely neutral and confidential. They will involve using interactive and
educational tools, specifically designed by Filib’ to support employees saving money.
Thanks to this service, all employees will be able to get concrete answers to their personal questions,
based on their own particular circumstances. That way, everybody will have the same opportunities to
make best use of the advantages offered by the company as part of the employee savings scheme for
their own projects and their retirement.
Online meetings with coaches are booked using the digital tools developed by Natixis Interépargne
(website and application), Carrefour’s long-term employee savings scheme partner. Group employees
will get a new type of support with their decision-making, adapted for all levels of financial knowledge.
“Carrefour has developed the best social model for mass merchandising. We constantly strive to improve
the range of services with which we provide our employees and to do so using digital tools. In this regard,
Filib’ is a good example of what we want to do to improve our employees’ experience. The extremely high
satisfaction rates that we have seen since launch prove that it really is having an impact”, said Jérôme
Nanty, Executive Director for Human Resources for the Group and France.
“Company savings schemes are an exceptional opportunity for employees. But many miss out on their
advantages – because they do not know enough about the basics of saving and retirement, or they are
not interested in financial issues. Filib’ was created to address this problem and to meet a major need for
support. With Carrefour, one of the leading employers in France, we are demonstrating that it is possible
to provide an effective, high-quality solution on a large scale”, says Nicolas Schimel, CEO of Filib’.
“We want to provide the best client experience on the market for companies and employees. And that
involves constantly innovating. Access to Filib’ financial coaching service is smoothly integrated into our
digital pathway”, says Dominique Dorchies, Deputy CEO of Natixis Interépargne.


About the Carrefour Group
With a multi-format network of over 13,000 stores in nearly 40 countries, the Carrefour Group is one of the world’s leading food
retailers. The Group recorded revenue of €81.2 billion in 2021. Its network of consolidated stores has more than 370,000
employees who help to make Carrefour the world leader in the food transition for everyone, providing everybody with access to
high-quality, affordable food every day, no matter where they are. In total, more than 500,000 people work for Carrefour
throughout the world.
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About Natixis Interépargne
Natixis Interépargne, the leading employee savings and retirement bank, is invested in the future of more than 75,000 client
companies and more than 3 million savers (figures as of 31 December 2021). Natixis Interépargne is part of Global Financial
Services, which brings together the global operations of the Groupe BPCE, Europe’s fifth largest banking group. Spearheading
innovation for more than 50 years, Natixis Interépargne supports companies of all sizes in implementing and managing their
employee savings and retirement schemes, as well as their employee shareholding, turning it into a driver of performance. It is
underpinned by the richness and diversity of the expertise of more than 20 management companies affiliated to Natixis
Investment Managers, the international specialist in active management for employee savings.
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About Filib’
Founded in 2017 by Nicolas Schimel and Sébastien Foret, Filib’ is the first ever financial remote consultation company: a new
standard in delivering made-to-measure support in 30 minutes on the topics of saving and retirement. The remote consultations
are provided by expert independent coaches, and they are tailored to the new ways in which people use such tools, directly
integrated into the customer paths.
Using a technology developed over four years of research & development, together with a network of financial experts trained
in an innovative method, the start-up delivers a level of quality and efficiency that is unique on the market. The result is that it is
able to provide made-to-measure support for hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.
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