September 5, 2022

Sao Paulo, September 2022 – To step up its continued commitment to combating deforestation, the Carrefour Brasil Group, the country’s largest food retail ecosystem, announces the creation of the Forest  Committee, comprising five volunteer members – two company executives and three market specialists – who form a collective of national and international names specialized in the subject. The Group will also invest 10 million euros (approximately R$ 56 million) in efforts to preserve Brazilian biomes.

Representing the company are Stephane Maquaire, CEO of the Group in Brazil, and Carine Kraus, Director of Engagement at the company in France. They will join respected professionals Dr. Carlos Nobre, a climate scientist; Dr. Eduardo Assad, a Brazilian scientist, researcher, and professor specializing in climate change; and Dr. Arnaldo Carneiro Filho, a researcher at the National Institute of Amazonian Research. The five will be responsible for the analysis of strategic decisions, suggestions, and evaluations of integrated actions that consolidate the global commitments entered into by the Carrefour Group, and for interaction, transparency, and strengthening of the ESG agenda in Brazil. In addition, they will boost governance because they are renowned specialists in various forums, contributing significantly to dialogue about environmental conservation.

“The protection of forests and biodiversity is a theme that is among our priorities for the coming years in Brazil.  The Carrefour Group, which already demonstrates responsible and permanent performance in sustainability, will use its knowledge and reach to drive even greater advances in the conservation of the environment. This is another step in our mission to lead the food transition for everyone, responsibly and conscientiously,” says Stephane Maquaire, CEO of the Carrefour Brasil Group.

Action plan to combat deforestation

The company now will conduct five initiatives, which will be monitored and reported regularly:

  • The establishment of governance dedicated to the protection of forests, with the creation of a High Level Committee of Forest Specialists, comprising independent experts, including big names such as Carlos Nobre, Eduardo Assad, and Arnaldo Carneiro Filho.
  • Reduction of the volume from critical areas of  beef supplied by 50%, by 2026 and 100% by 2030.
  • The creation of a Fund dedicated to combating deforestation and the investment of 10 million euros to finance innovative and systemic projects to help with reforestation by 2026.
  • The mobilization of a local and international collective, bringing together specialists, partners, industrialists, and other leaders of mass distribution to generalize measures to combat deforestation for the entire market.
  • The creation of a results publishing platform open to all to ensure transparency about advances made and difficulties encountered in the implementation of its action plan.
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Permanent commitment to sustainability

The Carrefour Group already has several initiatives that promote sustainability, and some of the themes that are part of the agenda practiced by the company involve the circular economy, sustainable livestock farming, and partnerships to encourage small- and medium-sized farmers.  By way of example, a project in partnership with the IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative) tracks meat that is free of deforestation and sold at an affordable price.  In addition, a tool was announced earlier this year to support the complete traceability of Brazilian livestock production, from calves to end consumers, with inclusion, transparency, and data protection. The objective of the Protocol for Sustainable Production of Calves is to offer technological solutions to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable models in the livestock chain, ensuring that end consumers know the socio-environmental attributes of the products they consume.