brand-new automatic weapons.

April 5, 2023

brand-new automatic weapons

The most effective coating outcomes with the new automatic powder guns from WAGNER are achieved in coating systems (PEA-X1) as well as environments where robots are used for production. (PER-X1). They have a number of benefits over the earlier type.

The new gun family’s modular design and assortment of accessories allow a wide range of applications for various customer requirements. The guns are perfect for meeting the high requirements of today’s production processes because of their flexibility. For instance, the PEA-X1’s standard gun can be upgraded with a bracket, an XL extension, or robot modifications. For solo or dual use, the PER-X1 can be coupled with a variety of robot mounts.


There are numerous nozzles that can be used with the PEM-X1 manual gun, which is a member of the product family, depending on the purpose. For instance, the new angled nozzles can be used to access challenging areas of the object. This benefit can be further enhanced with the angled adaptor. With the new guns, excellent coating quality can be attained even with challenging metallic and effect powders.

They are perfect for both colour-change and single-color devices. They have both been optimised for this purpose in terms of colour shift and cleaning abilities, along with the nozzle system. The CoronaStar’s optimized, streamlined design guarantees effective, automatic blow-off during colour change and minimises areas for powder accumulations on the gun body.

The guns enable a more stable, waste-free production procedure in this manner. The improved powder cloud produces coating thicknesses that are thinner and more consistent. Consumption of powder is consequently considerably reduced. Due to the better internal geometry, powder accumulations in the nozzle and spitting are also less common.

It is simple to retrofit the new firearms with existing systems for the older WAGNER automatic weapons. The ease of installation and maintenance lowers service expenses.

With the new gun family, which adjusts easily to the tidy world of contemporary automation landscapes, a compact and incredibly powerful product has been made possible by the design’s high degree of integration.