Boots notes new resources accessible and reports improved awareness of women’s health.

February 21, 2023

Boots notes new resources accessible and reports improved awareness of women’s health.


According to a consumer poll conducted by Boots, 82% of women believe that essential aspects of women’s health are better understood now than they were five years ago, and 55% of these women feel more empowered to discuss these topics.

Boots unveils its largest-ever healthcare ad with the experiences of women at its core.

As the health and beauty business increases the amount of products and services it provides women, along with professional guidance from its pharmacists, a campaign promotes Boots’ solutions to their healthcare needs.

As part of the campaign, Boots extends its Price Advantage scheme to a wide selection of women’s healthcare products


Four out of five women (82%) say there is better understanding in important areas of women’s health today than there was five years ago, and more than half (55%) feel more empowered to communicate about their health difficulties as a result, according to new research commissioned by Boots.


About two-thirds (61%) believe there is more understanding of menopause, and almost half (46%) think there is better awareness of period concerns. Three-quarters (75%) believe there is better awareness of issues involving either fertility or pregnancy today than there was five years ago.


Our Health Is As Individual As We Are, a new campaign from Boots that champions women’s health and draws attention to new support services offered by the health and beauty retailer, has been launched to highlight the resources available.


As part of this campaign, Boots has broadened its Price Advantage programme to include a variety of women’s health items. * These include the Pregnacare and Menopace supplement lines as well as own-brand items like Boots Evening Primrose Oil Capsules and Boots Dual Action Thrush and BV Pessaries as well as cutting-edge options like Boots TENS Digital Pain Relief, which offers momentary, drug-free relief from period pain.


Also, the growing selection of healthcare services offered both in-person and online is highlighted by Boots’ campaign. Boots now provides more healthcare services than ever before, having doubled its offering to 125 during the previous three years. This includes over 15 specifically targeted women’s healthcare services, such as the Menopause and HRT Treatment service offered by Boots Online Doctor**, which has witnessed a 235% rise in treatment orders over the past 12 months. [2]


Also, the Boots Health Hub has been improved to make it simpler for users to browse healthcare information, recommendations, goods, and services that are arranged by medical problems. Several new, third-party services are now available via the platform, like My Expert Midwife. ***


For its 4,500 pharmacists, Boots has also introduced new training programmes that cover four important aspects of women’s health: menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, and menopause. With the aid of the training, pharmacists will be better equipped to engage women in meaningful talks about their health and make suggestions for items or services that might be beneficial to them.


Boots’ Supervisor Pharmacist, Claire Nevinson, stated: “For more than 170 years, Boots has promoted women’s health. It’s excellent that topics related to women’s heath, such as menopause and menstruation, have received greater attention and discourse in recent years. At Boots, we are taking an active part in that conversation and provide our customers great value products and services that they can conveniently access online and in our stores. Whatever the patient’s healthcare concern, our pharmacists are always available to provide them with expert advice.


A TV commercial for Boots’ “Our Health Is As Individual As We Are” campaign shows a number of women facing common life situations while having the experienced assistance of Boots at their sides. The well-known Boots Taboo Talk podcast now covers themes related to women’s health, including periods, menopause, and reproduction.


boots champions womens health infographic1024 1
boots champions womens health infographic1024 1


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* For customers to be eligible for the discount on online purchases, they must be logged into a (or account.


**Access to therapy is contingent on an online assessment of suitability by a doctor. Depending on availability. There are fees.


*** Charges and eligibility requirements may be present, subject to availability.