Boots is investing in the professional development of its team members in order to discover new ideas in digital healthcare.

February 15, 2023

Boots is investing in the professional development of its team members in order to discover new ideas in digital healthcare.


Boots is the first company in the retail healthcare industry to form a partnership with the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). This partnership gives members of the Boots team access to CHIME’s education programme, which enables them to become certified as digital healthcare leaders.


Because of this programme, employees of the Boots team have the opportunity to gain knowledge from the NHS, CHIME, and other industry specialists. In order to graduate from the programme, each member of the team is required to investigate and conceptualise a real-world commercial endeavour that makes use of digital technology.


After this, the novel concepts are pitched to higher-level executives inside Boots in order to determine whether or not the company should really put any of them into practise. If the proposals are accepted, Boots will provide funding for them as new projects in the field of digital healthcare.

“The partnership with CHIME is such an exciting one for the business as well as for Boots team members on an individual level,” said Rich Corbridge, the Chief Information Officer for Boots UK & ROI. Our team members have the unrivalled opportunity to advance their knowledge by picking the brains of seasoned professionals in the field, with the end goal of developing fresh and innovative concepts that have the potential to make a significant and direct contribution to the field of digital healthcare.


“The programme affords participants the wonderful opportunity to be imaginative and risk-taking. I can’t wait to see what innovative ideas our exceptionally talented team members working on the programme will come up with, as well as which new developments our company will be able to pursue.


The CHIME program’s first class of students included Emma Eatch, who is now the Head of Clinical Analytics at Boots UK. Eatch was also a member of the first group of students to complete the CHIME programme. She has already given the presentation for her initiative, and at the end of January, she is scheduled to take the final tests. It was her comment that:


“Rich Corbridge has been my mentor for some time now, and after we had several conversations on the importance of resiliency in the corporate world, he suggested that I apply for the CHIME programme. The combination of the in-person “bootcamp,” the online learning, and the beginning of the project has resulted in an experience that is both extremely enlightening and satisfying. It’s going to be really exciting for me to see which initiatives are moved forward.


Boots has also formed a partnership with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in order to create a series of webinars specifically for its in-store employees. This will allow Boots to provide its team members with additional access to industry learning opportunities. Webinars provide information that sheds light on how patients, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals should expect digital healthcare to develop in the future.


Rich Corbridge continued by saying, “These two projects work hand in hand to guarantee that Boots team members can make the most out of technology within the healthcare arena.” We want to make sure that we can provide solutions to issues that arise in healthcare, and by investing in the members of our team, we provide them the opportunity to be a part of that solution.