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Big Y Food Launches Loyalty Program for Enhanced Flexibility

Big Y Food Launches Loyalty Program for Enhanced Flexibility

Big Y Foods has overhauled its myBigY Rewards loyalty program, granting shoppers greater flexibility in utilizing their reward points. This move also positions the program in a more direct competition with Stop & Shop’s GO Rewards, the main rival in the region.

Shoppers now earn one rewards point for every dollar spent at Big Y Supermarket locations or Big Y Express Fresh Market stores. These points can be accrued for discounts during grocery checkout, fuel savings at Big Y Express gas stations, and even free products.
Sarah Steven, VP of Marketing at Big Y, based in Springfield, Massachusetts, which operates 70 supermarkets and 13 convenience stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut, stated, “We are continually exploring innovative ways to provide added value to our customers through personalized offers, digital coupons, and weekly sales. We are thrilled to introduce myBigY Rewards as another avenue to express gratitude and reward our customers for their unwavering loyalty to Big Y.”

The redemption options for these rewards include:

Grocery savings: For every 100 points, customers receive a $1 discount on their grocery bill, with a maximum savings of $20 per transaction.
Fuel savings: Shoppers can convert their points into a 10-cent-per-gallon discount on gas, in addition to the existing 5-cent-per-gallon deal, for a maximum savings of $1.50 per gallon (up to 25 gallons per fill-up).
Free products: Points can be applied to earn exclusive, complimentary items.
Customers can manage their myBigY Rewards account as points accumulate and allocate points in any desired quantity toward specific rewards.

This program can be accessed through the Big Y website, mobile app, or in-store service counter screens.
Previously, Big Y had a loyalty program called the Express Savings Club, which allowed shoppers to earn silver or gold “coins” for discounts on select products. They also had a paid Silver Savings Club that provided more significant discounts for a $20 annual fee. Over the years, these multi-level coin programs were phased out.

The myBigY Rewards Loyality program resembles Stop & Shop’s program, a division of Ahold Delhaize. Last month, Stop & Shop announced changes to its GO Rewards Loyalty program, extending the expiration date for reward points to the end of the following calendar month instead of the previous 30-day rolling expiration. This new policy takes effect on October 1.

Big Y noted that their reward points expire after six months. Both programs enable customers to accumulate points redeemable for groceries, gas, or free products. Stop & Shop also collaborates with Shell gas stations for fuel discounts and provides additional savings opportunities for online purchases.

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