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At RSNA 2022, Samsung’s newest best-in-class technologies take center stage.


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At RSNA 2022, Samsung’s newest best-in-class technologies take center stage.

Samsung will highlight its developments in the fields of mobile computed tomography, digital radiography, and ultrasound.

At RSNA 2022, Samsung's newest best-in-class technologies take center stage.

From November 27 to December 1, Samsung Electronics will demonstrate its premium diagnostic solutions in ultrasound, digital radiography (DR), and mobile computed tomography (CT) at the 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).


“Samsung has a long history of leading the charge in technological innovations. 2022 has been a testament to this as we have pushed to redefine our cutting-edge solutions across modalities,” says David Legg, Vice President and Head of Business at Boston Imaging, a Samsung subsidiary. We are currently implementing real-time on-device AI technologies to assist medical personnel in quickly and accurately examining and diagnosing patients.


When creating new products, Samsung has continued to concentrate on the vital clinical requirements that improve the customer experience. The business will highlight 2022 accomplishments at the conference that helped to improve global health by enabling physicians to correctly diagnose patients.



“At the heart of Samsung’s business is innovation. According to Kyu Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Samsung Medison, “We take great delight in providing our clients with cutting-edge technology on all Samsung products. “We will keep healthcare professionals and the patients they treat top of mind as we work to increase diagnostic options and improve the clinical experience that our clients demand.”

Below are further specifics regarding the innovative developments Samsung will present at the conference.

The V7 ultrasound system, a new endocavity transducer, and new real-time on-device AI solutions are just a few of the cutting-edge product improvements that Samsung will be showcasing at the event.

HeartAssistTM, a brand-new on-device AI ultrasound technology that can speed up the diagnosis and examination procedure, will be on exhibit. It uses a deep learning algorithm to automatically locate the heart’s cross section and take measurements at key locations for a precise diagnosis. Due to the fewer keystrokes required by the automated nature, the workflow can be optimized. The V8 and V7 ultrasound systems both have this feature.

The new V7 ultrasound system from Samsung, which offers a variety of clinical applications and a number of on-device Intelligent Assist features, including BiometryAssistTM and UterineAssistTM, that improve both the user and patient experience, was also recently announced.

It was created to provide a comprehensive diagnostic experience, covering everything from general imaging to women’s health. Crystal ArchitectureTM, which combines cutting-edge beamforming (CrystalBeamTM), sophisticated image processing (CrystalLiveTM), and cutting-edge S-Vue Single Crystal TransducersTM to produce clear, uniform, and high-resolution images, is the foundation of the V7’s improved image clarity and penetration

The V7 ultrasonic system will be displayed alongside the miniER7, a novel endocavity transducer. The new probe, which has a radius size of 7mm and is 3mm smaller than the current probe, was created to lessen the load on medical staff members and the discomfort that patients frequently feel during prostate ultrasound examination. Modern microprocessing technology was used to produce the miniER7, which can capture clear photos with little file sizes.


Electronic radiography
Additionally, Samsung is showing its high-end digital radiography products, such as the brand-new “Vision Assist” option and the AccE Glass Free Detector.

The advanced low-dose imaging capabilities of the AccE GC85A Vision2 premium ceiling digital radiography system with “Vision Assist” are maintained while patient care and workflow efficiency are improved. The AccE GC85A Vision focuses on innovative approaches to boost productivity so that healthcare workers can simplify without sacrificing quality, such as:

Reduced Operation Time: The Intelligent Collimation and Stitching Auto Planning capabilities use deep learning to automatically determine the ideal collimated region with just one click. While, in order to save time, the Patient Size Guide suggests patient size and ideal parameters based on the patient’s body thickness. 3 Reduced Retake Error: To assist the operator in placing the patient, the Virtual Overlay function projects a virtual representation of the receptor boundaries and AEC chamber onto the patient. The operator can be alerted to patient movements and falls thanks to the Motion Alarm, which is based on machine learning technology. The operator can then easily alter the collimated region from the control room thanks to virtual collimation. 3 Continuous Patient Care: The operator can keep an eye on the patient at all times thanks to Vision Live, a live camera built into the tube head unit.

Samsung has recently unveiled a new flagship detector, the AccE Glass-Free Detector, which provides a more comfortable imaging experience without sacrificing image quality, with a deliberate focus on process optimization. It offers other user and patient advantages in addition to being designed to deliver high-resolution images of a portable digital detector, such as:

Functionality: It features a flexible non-glass panel with a center engraving to position a patient, a side chamfer to make lifting easier, and a rear grasp to help transportation. Additionally, it is 27% lower in weight than the standard model4 (approximately 4.5 pounds). 5 Reliability: Its high load capacity (up to 881 pounds of surface weight and 441 pounds of patient load), as well as its dust- and water-resistant design, decrease user anxiety in challenging locations like the ER and OR.
It has a 76% DQE and is the market leader in glassless panel technology for clear visibility.

Digital Tomography
The BodyTom® 64 and OmniTom® Elite with Photon Counting Detector (PCD) technology are also on display at RSNA.

the latest technology Critical patients can receive point-of-care CT without having to be transported to a different imaging department because to OmniTom® Elite’s flexible, real-time mobile imaging capabilities. The system now has the potential to collect CT data across several energy bands thanks to PCD technology. With adjustable energy thresholds, multiple sets of CT data are recorded simultaneously without any image crosstalk. The PCD system7 offers spectral capabilities for material decomposition, virtual monoenergetic imaging (VMI), and soft tissue identification in addition to multi-energy CT functionality.

An improved model of the BodyTom® Elite CT scanner, the BodyTom® 64 offers improved functionality and high-resolution imaging capabilities. With indications for both pediatric and adult imaging as well as the ability to be employed for low dose lung cancer screening, the head-to-toe trauma imaging system boasts updates based on customer input. The BodyTom® 64 is a multi-departmental imaging tool that can be used in a variety of medical settings, including neurosurgery, interventional radiology, brachytherapy, trauma, and more.

Governance, Social, and Environmental
As part of its environmental, social, and governance management, Samsung not only concentrates on improving its diagnostic solutions and technologies, but also contributes to environmental preservation by creating eco-friendly packaging.

Expanded Recycled papers were used in place of polyethylene foam (EPE) foams in the ultrasonic packaging, which will reduce the amount of EPE foams by 15 tons by 2022. By 2023, Samsung wants to use “Zero” EPE foams. In order to limit the use of polyurethane to 8 tons, recycled papers are also being used in place of the polyurethane materials that were previously used for transducer packages.

Stop by Samsung’s booth, number 2165. Visit https://samsunghealthcare.com/en/rsna2022/ to find out more about the Samsung goods on display and other events.

Regarding Boston Imaging

Boston Imaging is dedicated to providing quick, simple, and accurate diagnostic solutions to healthcare practitioners and markets cutting-edge imaging technologies. The sales, marketing, and distribution offices for all Samsung digital radiography and ultrasound systems are located in Boston, Massachusetts. Leading healthcare facilities use the expanding spectrum of cutting-edge medical technologies from Boston Imaging to improve patient care, raise patient happiness, and speed up productivity. Please visit https://www.bostonimaging.com for further details.

Regarding NeuroLogica

The healthcare division of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., NeuroLogica Corp., creates, produces, and sells cutting-edge imaging technology with the goal of giving healthcare professionals quick, simple, and accurate diagnostic options. The corporate headquarters and producer of portable computed tomography equipment is NeuroLogica. Leading healthcare organizations throughout the world use NeuroLogica’s expanding array of cutting-edge medical technology to improve patient care, boost patient happiness, and streamline workflow. Please visit https://www.neurologica.com for further details.





One miniER7 is awaiting FDA 510(k) clearance and cannot be purchased in the United States.

2 A sub configuration of the AccE GC85A is the AccE GC85A Vision.

3 Compared to the AccE GC85A setup as it is currently set up, without a camera solution

4: In contrast to S4335-AW

5 measured without the use of batteries

Based on a disc with a central diameter of 40 mm

7 OmniTom® Elite with PCD: Not for sale in the United States, pending FDA 510(k) clearance.

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