At a railroad station, SPAR Switzerland debuts a new Express location.

February 9, 2023

At a railroad station, SPAR Switzerland debuts a new Express location.


On February 2, SPAR Switzerland inaugurated a SPAR Express store at the Winterthur train station in northern Switzerland. The small-scale, conveniently positioned grocery provides quick and simple meal solutions as well as everyday food shopping to commuters, bystanders, and locals. Additionally, from 6 am to 11 pm, clients can dine and drink in the store’s on-site café, which has roughly 20 seats.


The newly constructed Rudolfstrasse contains the new SPAR Express at Winterthur station, which is situated in a heavily travelled pedestrian area. Above the station, there is a garage for parking cars as well as a place to park bicycles.


The new SPAR Express offers a wide variety of hot and cold cuisine for takeout or to enjoy on-site in addition to a well-stocked food selection and products addressing the everyday needs of locals and commuters. A choice of freshly made sandwiches, salads, fruit bowls, muesli, savoury snacks, and a variety of desserts are available on the daily lunch menu.


Electronic price tags in the new store increase in-store productivity. The payment process is sped up by two self-scanning checkouts.


Dzezair Ibraimi and Almedine Fejzaj, owners of SPAR and siblings, manage the store with the help of an enthusiastic staff. Customers’ everyday needs are met with a high-quality fresh food supply and personalised customer care, which is their main focus.


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Concerning SPAR Switzerland
In 1989, SPAR Switzerland was established. The family-run business changed into a holding company with three operating businesses in 2000. The company expanded, merging corporate and independently-owned businesses that ranged from huge supermarkets to forecourt retailing.


SPAR Switzerland announced the sale of 60% of its shares to SPAR Group Ltd. in South Africa at the beginning of 2016. SPAR Group Ltd. purchased the remaining 40% in March 2021.