assisting those impacted by the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey

February 15, 2023

assisting those impacted by the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey



To the McDonald’s Global System, this communication was sent on behalf of Jon Banner and Jo Sempels.


One of the deadliest natural disasters in recent memory, earthquakes have caused enormous destruction in portions of Turkey and Syria during the past week. Even while there is still more to be done to fully comprehend the scope of this tragedy, it has always been in our nature to stand up for communities during such trying times.


Our Response


One million US dollars will be donated to relief efforts by the McDonald’s Corporation and McDonald’s Turkey, including donations to Save the Children, World Central Kitchen, and local charities. This gift supplements McDonald’s long-standing $1 million yearly contribution to the Red Cross’ Annual Disaster Giving Program, which aids communities in times of crisis like this one.


We also want to acknowledge the selfless deeds of the local team, who have worked diligently to provide support to both the residents of the most impacted cities and the staff at the 29 McDonald’s Turkey locations. In addition to offering affected staff financial support, they are giving 100,000 free meals to earthquake victims and working with neighbourhood groups to charter buses to transport people to and from restaurants where they may get a free meal and a place to relax.


We appreciate the strong leadership provided by our DL partner Kamal Al Mana, Managing Director Mwaffak Kanjee, and the McDonald’s Turkey team throughout this extraordinarily trying period. Particularly as we grieve the death of four local colleagues who perished in the earthquakes, our people are exhibiting what it means to put our people first in absolutely spectacular ways.


Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to our supplier partners, who have been crucial in supplying food, water, and other essential supplies to the restaurants that are still operating in the disaster area.



How to Participate


The affected areas have a long journey ahead of them, so it’s not surprise that many of you have contacted us over the past week wondering how you can help with relief efforts. You can donate money to the Red Cross on your own using this page.


The strength of our McDonald’s family is that we’re dedicated to feeding and supporting our communities when and how they need us most, even under the most trying circumstances. Thank you to everyone who is offering assistance as those affected start the arduous recovery process. We will continue to keep everyone who has been impacted by this tragedy in our thoughts on behalf of the whole McFamily.


Jo and Jon