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Asda’s Convenience Expansion Gains Momentum with First 11 Co-op Store Conversions


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Asda’s Convenience Expansion Gains Momentum with First 11 Co-op Store Conversions


Asda has officially launched its ambitious plan to convert 116 convenience stores and attached petrol station forecourts, which it acquired from the Co-op Group last year, into its Asda Express convenience brand.

The initial batch of 11 locations has been rebranded as Asda Express, with the remaining 105 sites scheduled to undergo conversion by the end of the first quarter next year.

This move is part of Asda’s broader strategy to solidify its position as the UK’s second-largest supermarket by venturing into the rapidly growing £40 billion convenience market. The acquisition of 132 sites from the Co-op in a £438 million deal paved the way for this expansion, and it received regulatory approval from the Competition & Markets Authority in June after Asda agreed to divest 13 sites to address competition concerns.

Mohsin Issa, co-owner of Asda, expressed excitement about the conversion program’s launch, citing it as a pivotal moment for the company. He emphasized that it accelerates their presence in the burgeoning convenience market and looks forward to extending Asda’s affordable fuel and grocery offerings to more communities across the UK. Additionally, over 2,000 former Co-op employees will be welcomed into the Asda family in the coming months.

The converted Asda Express stores will stock up to 3,000 branded and own-label products, catering to a wide range of customer needs, from quick ‘top-up’ shopping for essentials like milk and bread to convenient options for lunch on the go or preparing dinner from scratch.

Customers can also expect to enjoy cost savings when Asda enters their neighborhoods, as the base prices in Asda’s current Express stores are, on average, 8.9% cheaper than those at The Co-op.

These newly transformed stores are located throughout the UK, spanning regions like Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Lancashire, Somerset, London, Scotland, and Devon.

In addition to the freshly converted Asda Express stores, the supermarket currently operates three standalone Express locations in Sutton Coldfield, London (Tottenham Hale), and Calne. Upcoming sites include Manchester Oxford Road and Romford Station, both set to open in the coming months. Furthermore, Asda has confirmed that its acquisition of EG Group’s UK convenience estate is progressing as planned and is on track for completion in the final quarter of this year.

Andy Perry, who oversaw the acquired Co-op sites during the regulatory approval process, has joined Asda as VP Convenience. Leveraging his extensive experience, he will support Asda as it accelerates the expansion of its convenience business.

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