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Asda’s Christmas AD Unveils Michael Bublé’s Surprising New Role Beyond the Stage


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Asda’s Christmas AD Unveils Michael Bublé’s Surprising New Role Beyond the Stage

Asda’s 2023 Christmas advertisement, featuring the ever-charming Michael Bublé, was officially revealed today, following a delightful teaser that was released on November 1st. The 90-second Christmas TV ad, premiering on November 4th at 9.45pm during an ad break for ITV’s The Voice, marks the introduction of Bublé as Asda’s inaugural Chief Quality Officer. In this new role, he’s entrusted with the critical task of ensuring that the retailer delivers the very best in quality for the nation this Christmas season. The ad captures Bublé meticulously inspecting rows of delectable chocolate and orange panettones, as well as indulging in some delectable brown butter and spiced dark rum mince pies.

This heartwarming holiday commercial was masterfully directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi. It opens with Michael Bublé exuding cheer as he sits at his brand-new desk, with his golden Chief Quality Officer desk sign proudly displayed for all to see. An Asda colleague instructs, “Products to approve—so bring Mr. Bublé your best,” after Bublé cheekily requests a “clean up on aisle five,” a task he has apparently ‘always wanted’ to do. As he strolls into a room filled with eager Asda colleagues eagerly awaiting his arrival, he playfully admonishes the fishmonger, who, once again, is attempting to promote mackerel for Christmas dinner this year.

Bublé then proceeds to the festive warehouse, as seen in the teaser, where he gets to work meticulously evaluating Asda’s finest Christmas offerings. From hand-picking the perfect cheese to complete Asda’s Extra Special Christmas Cheeseboard to savoring succulent truffle and parmesan pigs in blankets (which he playfully exclaims might beat him to the number one spot on the Christmas charts), Bublé, an undisputed Christmas connoisseur, leverages his expertise to ensure the quality of every product on the supermarket’s shelves.

Viewers with a keen eye may also spot a playful nod to Asda’s 2022 Buddy the Elf advertisement as Bublé taste-tests the various pigs in blanket flavors. Bublé is quick to dismiss the maple-covered sample as “so last year,” which serves as a playful reference to Buddy’s fondness for sweet treats and the tray of samples he devoured in the 2022 ad.

As the ad draws to a close, an Asda colleague calls out, “Off for the night, are you?” to which Bublé jovially responds that he’s just getting started. He then joins a store-front choir to sing the crescendo of ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland,’ adding a magical touch to the holiday season.

To celebrate the launch of its highly anticipated Christmas campaign, Asda is inviting Brits to immerse themselves in some seasonal magic by unveiling the first-ever Bublé-powered Christmas tree. On November 16th, for one day only, Asda will set up a showstopping 20-foot Christmas tree adorned with over 300 sparkling Michael Bublé-powered bulbs.

Consumers are invited to step up to the stage and give the tree their best Bublé rendition, causing it to dance and dazzle with a captivating display of lights. The event will take place at Kings Cross Station from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on November 16, providing a delightful spectacle for all.

Michael Bublé shared his thoughts on this collaboration, saying, “I love my relationship with the UK, and I’m the biggest fan of Christmas, so it was an honor to be asked to star in Asda’s Christmas advert this year.

Adopting the role of Chief Quality Officer, I took my responsibility very seriously, ensuring all products met the highest possible standards, naturally ensuring I had the joy of personally sampling them all, from Black Tiger Tempura Prawns, Truffle, and Parmesan Pigs in Blankets to chocolate and orange panettone. I believe Christmas is a time like no other; there’s a special feeling in the air, a little more magic to be found, and even more excuses to put on a show with great-tasting food.”

David Hills, Chief Customer Officer at Asda, expressed the store’s firm belief that quality products shouldn’t come at an extravagant price, especially during the Christmas season. He emphasized their love for the festive season at Asda and the tremendous joy of collaborating with Michael Bublé, who is known for spreading smiles during the holiday season. Together, they present Asda as a one-stop destination for families seeking the magic of Christmas.

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