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Asda Trials Food-To-Go Counters In Two Stores


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Asda Trials Food-To-Go Counters In Two Stores



Asda, the UK-based retailer, is currently in the process of testing a food-to-go concept in its Leicester and Dagenham locations.

This concept involves setting up a concession at the front of the stores, where customers can enjoy barista-style coffees, freshly made sandwiches, and delectable cakes.

Named the ‘Asda Food Hub,’ this new venture aims to provide a diverse menu that changes throughout the day to cater to breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack preferences, alongside offering meal deals.

Among the meal deals on offer at Asda Trials Food, customers can find options like a breakfast sandwich paired with any regular hot drink for £3, or a fresh baguette served with any regular hot drink for £4.50.

The introduction of the Asda Food Hub aligns with the retailer’s strategic goal of becoming the second-largest supermarket in the UK, by presenting a combination of quality and affordability to a wider customer base.

An Asda spokesperson highlighted the company’s commitment to offering shoppers an expanded selection of quality choices at reasonable prices through investments like the Asda Food Hub.

The decision to expand this concept to more stores, particularly those with high foot traffic, will depend on the reception received from the trial run in the initial locations.

This launch of Asda Trials Food comes on the heels of a £1.2-million revamp of Asda’s conventional food-to-go assortment, which includes sandwiches, salads, and wraps.

In addition to the Asda Food Hub introduction, the retailer is concurrently working on the transformation of 10 pizza and hot food counters across its store network.

This refurbishment plan of Asda Trials Food covers counters at Ipswich, Killingbeck, Havant, Haydon, Walton, Doncaster, Longwell Green, and Gateshead.

The makeover aims to align these counters with the branding and experience of the Asda Food Hub, and it will also introduce an array of new culinary offerings and promotional deals to the menu.




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