Asda Money is offering new customers 0% interest on all payments made with the Asda Money Credit Card and the Asda Money Select Credit Card.

April 11, 2023

When new clients open a new Asda Money Credit Card or a new Asda Money Select Credit Card, Asda Money, in cooperation with Jaja Finance, is providing a promotion in which they will not be charged any interest on any of their purchases.

If a customer opens an account for either the Asda Money Credit Card or the Asda Money Select Credit Card, they will receive 0% interest for the first six months on any and all purchases made with the card once the account is opened. This offer is good from today through April 28 of the following year 2023, but it does not apply to cash transfers or balance transfers.

When a new client signs up for both Asda Rewards and an Asda Money Credit Card or an Asda Money Select Credit Card, they are eligible for an additional advantage that allows them to add Asda Pounds to their cash pot with each purchase they make using one of those credit cards.

As part of this new arrangement, Katie Walley, Senior Director of Asda Money & Mobile, stated that “We are pleased to be able to offer new customers 0% interest for a period of six months.” We are also dedicated to thanking our consumers for their continued patronage, and the link to Asda Rewards serves as an excellent illustration of this commitment.

“In order for customers to receive 1% cashback for every £1 spent on Asda products and 0.3% cashback on any other purchases made outside of Asda, all that customers need to do is download the Asda Rewards app and link it to their credit card. After that, these Asda Pounds are good for further use either in-store or online.

“Rewarding customers for their everyday spend, alongside our new purchase offer, helps us to provide Asda customers with the flexibility they need to manage their finances in an effective manner,” said Lucas Dalglish, Chief Commercial Officer of Jaja Finance.