Asda increases its Deliveroo collaboration and intensifies its promise of speedy delivery

May 2, 2023

Asda will open its first Deliveroo HOP location in Tottenham Hale.
This comes as Asda expands its core grocery collaboration with Deliveroo to an additional 100 sites throughout the UK, bringing the total number of stores to 350.
The move is part of the retailer’s grand intentions to expand its convenience offering.

Asda Along with the introduction of its first Deliveroo HOP location, Asda is going to announce that it will expand its partnership with Deliveroo to an additional one hundred places all over the United Kingdom.

Deliveroo HOP is the latest advancement made by the delivery service, and it allows clients to receive a faster service as well as improved product availability. Residents in the surrounding area will soon have the opportunity to have their preferred Asda foods delivered to their homes in a matter of minutes thanks to a new expedited service that is being introduced at a ‘Asda Express’ convenience shop that was recently built by the grocery chain in Tottenham Hale.

Deliveroo HOP is a brand-new service that Asda is offering, and at this stage, it is only being tested out in a limited capacity. It will result in a dedicated picking space being created in the back of the convenience store located in Tottenham, as well as a team of Asda employees who will be responsible for preparing the orders. This is an example of Deliveroo’s ‘HOP’ business model, in which partners own and control venues, while also integrating Deliveroo’s Hop technology and using Deliveroo’s logistical network.

More than 1,300 different items sold by Asda will be made available through the programme.

It is part of Asda’s larger aim to deliver its value and quality to more communities throughout the UK by providing consumers the choice to shop whenever and however they prefer. The decision to test out the service at Asda’s new store in Tottenham Hale is a part of this larger plan.

“We always want to create more opportunities for our customers to conveniently shop their favourite Asda products, so we’re delighted to be offering Deliveroo HOP at our new Tottenham Hale store,” said Simon Gregg, Senior Vice President of e-Commerce at Asda. “We’re delighted to be offering Deliveroo HOP at our new Tottenham Hale store.”

“The trial will give us valuable insight into how we can look to leverage our new convenience stores to strengthen our customers’ options for last-mile delivery,”

“This expansion will provide more flexibility to even more customers, who will now have greater choice when deciding exactly how and when they shop with us, with a wide range of Asda products that can be delivered direct to their door on the same day.” “This expansion will provide more flexibility to even more customers.”

Deliveroo’s Chief Business Officer for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Carlo Mocci, expressed his excitement about expanding their successful grocery collaboration with Asda. We are excited to announce the inauguration of a new ‘Deliveroo HOP’ rapid-delivery trial site in the city of London as we have now reached 350 sites around the UK. Deliveroo HOP is our most recent development, and it is designed to provide clients with a more rapid service and more product availability. We are excited to broaden the scope of our cooperation in this way and offer an even greater variety of products and services to all of our consumers across the country.

The announcement comes as Asda is expanding its long-standing collaboration with Deliveroo to include an additional one hundred outlets. As a result of the development, more than 350 Asda locations throughout the UK will now have the capacity to provide Deliveroo as a delivery option for orders placed in less than an hour.

Asda revealed their intentions to overtake Sainsbury’s as the number two grocery retailer in the UK by announcing last year that they will open 30 new Asda Express convenience stores this year and a total of 300 by the end of 2026. This is part of their strategy to become the number two grocery retailer in the UK. Calne will be the location of the second Asda Express store to open in May, and Romford train station will follow in June.