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Asda’s Latest ESG Report 2023 Has Published: A Brighter Living Report

Asda’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report for 2023 sets out the supermarket’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. This review details a year of action across key areas of its ESG strategy, with some highlights in carbon emissions and community giving.

ASDA’s Latest ESG Reports 2023 Overview:

From the leadership Mohsin Issa, Asda Co-Owner states that investments in IT systems; launch of a new loyalty scheme; more convenient ways for customers to shop when and how they want all aim at driving sustained growth. Lord Stuart Rose, Chairman says that “supporting customer health and sustainable choices is something we must do if we are serious about being a responsible business” Both leaders recognise there will be challenges along the way but are determined not just to talk about it but take action too.

Highlights for ESG Report 2023 include:

Carbon Footprint: They achived 7% reduction in total carbon footprint compared to last year with a renewed target of net-zero by 2040.

Sustainable Packaging: Successfully increased 96% recyclability for their own-brand packaging (up from 92% last year), on track for 100% by 2025.

Community Support: A £7m raised through Asda’s Tickled Pink Breast Cancer Campaign – the highest amount ever in one year; supported over 4k good causes through Asda Foundation.

Health Initiatives: The company Relaunched their health strategy with focus on improving average health score per own brand product year on year.

Healthier & More Sustainable Choices: ‘Live Better’ icon makes healthier products easy for customers to find. Working with Nesta to improve sales-weighted health score of food products – partnership focuses on reducing negative nutrients while increasing positive ones like fibre & protein etc.

Net Zero Carbon: They would like their company become carbon neutral by twenty fourty years old so far they have reduced operational emissions by forty one percent since twenty fifteen. Switching to electric delivery fleets and making stores more energy efficient are among the planned initiatives. Asda will demand from its major suppliers to reveal sustainability data, hence creating a consistent attempt towards cutting down on carbon footprints across the supply chain.

Nature & Resource Stewardship: ASDA’s latest ESG report 2023 highlighted the sustainable water management, biodiversity & soil health etc. They have been working with Norfolk Rivers Trust on Water Sensitive Farming Initiative. What aims at improving both water quality as well supporting wildlife through such projects. Their suppliers collaborate closely with them to identify climate change related risks. And enabling them to take necessary steps towards mitigating these threats. Thereby ensuring continuity within the company’s supply chain.

Zero Waste: Asda wants nothing more than zero waste going forward. Therefore, it has partnered up with FareShare plus Olio. Which are enabling them aid in food redistribution from stores. Where there may be surplus goods that would go bad, thus ending up being thrown away unnecessarily. Farshare alone helped double the amount of food given out. While Olio app further reduced wastage levels associated with edible items by offering consumers cheap deals on what could have been wasted.

Fair Business Foundations: The report highlights Asda’s commitment to ethical business practices. Which including; health & safety promotion; human rights compliance; modern slavery prevention; equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I). Asda also supports community projects such as BBC Children in Need partnership etc.


This year’s ESG report reflects an even stronger commitment. By Asda towards sustainability, community support as well as ethical business practice adoption. These actions do not only benefit society. But also our environment hence they are very much aligned with long-term success within retail sector

Important to People and Accomplishments

Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Emissions: 26,201,508 tCO2E (-7% from 2022)
Money for Charitable Organizations Raised: £7 million
Packaging’s Potential for Reuse, Recycling or Composting: 96%
Number of Community Projects Supported: Over Four Thousand
Medical Examinations Conducted: Over One Hundred Thousand Eye Screenings

What is unique about ASDA is its commitment to balancing the present. And to future prospects through a comprehensive view of environmental, social and corporate governance. This guarantees a sustainable and fair future for all concerned parties.


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