Asda confirms shoppers nationwide can now access its loyalty programme

August 17, 2022

Asda has this week announced it is rolling out access to its loyalty programme, Asda Rewards, to all 633 stores across the UK, as well as online through for delivery and its Click and Collect service.

Asda Rewards, which has been in customer trials in different regions since October 2021, has already seen over 1 million customers sign up to the app-based loyalty programme.

Customers using Asda Rewards earn pounds, not points, building up a Cashpot to spend in Asda store or online, simply by doing their usual grocery shop. So far, Asda Rewards users have built up over £4m in their Cashpots.

Shoppers can earn Asda Rewards every time they shop by scanning their app when they check out. They will be rewarded in three easy ways:

  • By completing in-app missions, such as:
     The ‘Back to School’ mission, where customers receive £5 into their Cashpots when they spend £25 on George school uniform.
    – Fruit and Veg Bonus – Buy any 10 fruit and veg and get £1.50 into your Cashpot
  • By completing ‘milestone missions’. Customers Cashpots will build higher the more they spend over the next 4 weeks.
  • By buying ‘Star Products’ which are highlighted throughout the store:
    – There are over 400 ‘Star Products’ available across own brand and branded lines – where customers will receive 10% back into their Cashpot when they add any of these products to their basket.

Customers will see their Cashpot build up in the Asda Rewards app as they shop. They can redeem their cash whenever they choose by creating a voucher in the app with the money they have saved which they can use for money off their next shop.
For those customers shopping online, the Asda Rewards app will link up to their account, making it even easier to be rewarded every time they shop.

Mark Baxter, Senior Director for Loyalty at Asda, said“We’re incredibly excited to be able to give all our customers access to Asda Rewards across the UK so they can start to earn Rewards & build their Cashpot. We know that times are tough for families right now, so it’s great to be able to reward them for simply shopping with us.”

Asda also recently launched a new credit card in conjunction with Asda Rewards, where customers can earn money back into their Cashpot every time they spend. Customers will receive 1% back on all Asda purchases, including fuel, optical and other services, along with 0.3% back on spend outside Asda.