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Asda Announces the Launch of Two New Vegan Ranges in 2023


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In 2023, Asda will introduce more than 112 new vegan and free-from products, making it simpler than ever to enjoy a meatless month.

Asda introduces two completely new vegan product lines with over 112 items each.
While the Plant Based line offers 86 products that are healthy, nutritionist-approved meat substitutes and will be available in-store and online starting in January, the OMV! line will offer decadent meat-free meals and delectable snacks. The full line will be made available throughout the year.

Asda’s new OMV! and Plant Based ranges have you covered, with over 112 high-quality, unapologetically indulgent, and flavorful products to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply looking to cut down on meat consumption this January, Asda’s OMV! and Plant-Based ranges have you covered.

The OMV! range features indulgent, flavorful treats that are sure to excite your tastebuds, whereas the Plant-Based range provides nutritionally balanced meat-free meals that do not skimp on flavor and do not contain any products containing animal products.

Asda’s OMV will be available as of January 2023! The Hot & Spicy No Chicken Burgers, which cost £2.25, are an item that you absolutely must try. They are prepared with a scrumptious pea and wheat protein blend and encased in a zingy hot and spicy crumb; consequently, they are an excellent choice for complementing the delightfully soft OMV! Brioche Burger Buns (which cost £1.15 each) for a stress-free dinner with the family or some friends on a Friday night.

Those who find themselves longing for a hearty fry-up on those chilly mornings in January will find that the Plant Based by Asda Bacon style rashers (which cost £2) are an excellent alternative. The 100% vegan rashers, which are made with wheat protein and have received the approval of nutritionists, can be indulged in between slices of soft farmhouse bread or as an accompaniment to the OMV, which is filled with flavorful components. Caramelized red onion sausages, made without pork, are priced at £2 each.

An original vegan interpretation of a beloved dish: the OMV! Macaroni and cheese, which costs £2.85, is an excellent option for a speedy and reassuring weeknight meal. The cheesy favourite is made by combining traditional macaroni pasta with an oozing cheese alternative that is based on coconut oil. The dish is finished off with a flavorful paprika and parsley crumb topping.

Plant Based by Asda Chick Caesar Wrap (£2.75) – a bar-marked tortilla wrap complete with flame-grilled soya protein pieces, vegan Caesar style mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, and alternative to Italian style hard cheese and the OMV! The No Prawn Sandwich costs £2.75 and consists of oatmeal bread stuffed with a vegan prawn substitute that has been marinated in a vegan Marie Rose sauce.

The OMV! range includes a number of indulgent sweet treats, some of which are perfect with a cup of coffee or after a meal. One of these is the decadent OMV! Choc Brownies are available for a price of two pounds, and they come topped with chocolate chips and the OMV! The vegan salted caramel fudge and crunchy honeycomb pieces on top of the Salted Fudge Chocolate Bar, which costs £2.50 and is made with rice-based caramel milk chocolate.

In addition to that, carnivorous Zoe Clifton, star of the TLC reality show Married at First Sight, has been named the improbable brand ambassador for the company’s new OMV! And assortments from the Plant Based by Asda brand. Zoe, a well-known vegan who is sceptical of veganism, has committed to going vegan for the entire month of January. She will consume vegan products and give her opinion on vegan food while being supported by her partner Jenna, who is plant-based.

Beginning on the 4th of January, select items from the assortment will be made available for purchase online in addition to being sold in-store throughout the entirety of 2023. Customers who shop at Asda during the month of January and spend £5 on vegan own-brand products (OMV! and Plant Based by Asda) can earn £1 back in their cash pot in the Asda Rewards app. This promotion is valid for the entire month.

Asda Announces the Launch of Two New Vegan Ranges in 2023





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