Apple releases Freeform, a potent new tool for teamwork and creative ideation.

December 15, 2022

Apple releases Freeform, a potent new tool for teamwork and creative ideation.

Visual communication is now easier than ever thanks to Freeform for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The most recent releases of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS now feature the brand-new programme Freeform. Freeform gives users the ability to see, share, and communicate all in one location without worrying about layouts or page widths by assisting them in organising and graphically organising content on a flexible canvas. Without ever leaving the board, users can add a wide variety of files and preview them inline. Freeform, which was created for collaboration, makes it simpler than ever to invite people to work on a board with you. On a FaceTime call, users can even collaborate with others. Users can sync their Freeform boards between devices because they are stored in the iCloud.
Using Freeform, users of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac have countless opportunities to interact graphically, according to Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing. Freeform “creates a shared area for brainstorming that users can take anywhere,” according to the developers, with a limitless canvas, support for uploading a variety of files, iCloud connectivity, and collaborative features.
A Creativity-Building Canvas with Simple Tools
The ideal whiteboard setting for finding inspiration and ideas in one spot is Freeform. When working with several files or collaborating with others, the endless canvas extends as new content is added to the board. With the help of the board’s built-in gesture functionality, users can navigate it with ease.
The programme provides a selection of brush types and colour schemes that may be used to doodle concepts, make remarks, and create diagrams. Freeform has notes with Scribble and a variety of drawing tools on iPad Pro. iPhone and iPad users may draw anywhere on the canvas with their finger, and with support for Apple Pencil, Freeform makes it easier than ever to sketch ideas on iPad while on the go.
Users of Freeform can unleash their creativity by writing notes with Scribble, sketching using the drawing tool, or colouring with the crayon or fill tool.
A broad variety of assets are supported by Freeform, including images, video, audio, documents, PDFs, links to other websites and map locations, sticky notes, shapes, and diagrams. Even scanning documents or inserting images into the board can be done using the cameras on iPhone and iPad devices. Freeform offers customers over 700 options from its whole collection of shapes, allowing them to alter the colour and size, add text, and even build and save custom shapes.
Users can drag and drop items from other applications, including as Files and Finder, onto the board. Thanks to the board’s built-in alignment guides, it is simple to keep the board organised. Without ever leaving the board, users can preview content with Quick Look, and numerous video files can play simultaneously to create a dynamic display. Freeform is the ideal tool for drawing ideas on top of floor plans for a home renovation project or for coaches to map out plays on an image of a basketball court. Content like photographs and PDFs can be locked into place on a board, and collaborators can then annotate on top of or around the object.
On the iPad Pro, freeform boards can support a variety of files.
Freeform boards are the ideal solution for gathering documents for a school project or arranging an upcoming trip because they handle a variety of files and users may preview inline without ever leaving the board.
A Space for Collaboration
Freeform is immensely helpful for solo tasks or while working with others, whether a user is at a desk or on the road. When working on group projects or even organising a trip with friends, Freeform creates a shared space for creation with the opportunity to collaborate with up to 100 contributors in the same board.
By simply dragging a Freeform board into a Messages thread, users can invite others to a Freeform board, taking use of the new collaboration features in Messages. The boards will instantly invite all participants in that discussion, at which point they can start contributing right away. Activity updates will appear at the top of the Messages thread whenever someone makes an adjustment.

Apple releases Freeform, a potent new tool for teamwork and creative ideation.

Users can start a FaceTime call within Freeform by hitting the collaboration icon in the top right corner of the screen because FaceTime is already integrated into the software. With fast-sync features and iCloud connection, all collaborators may see each other’s contributions as they add content or change existing content. Freeform boards may be exported as a PDF or screenshotted, and they are synchronised between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Users can also invite people by email or a link.
Using the iPad Pro’s FaceTime call collaboration function, freeform.
Freeform is built for collaboration and makes it simpler than ever to invite people to work on a board with you thanks to the integration of FaceTime and iCloud.
Freeform is now available without charge on all iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices running iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, or macOS Ventura 13.1.