Annual General Meeting of Ahold Delhaize is held, inviting shareholders in Zaandam and online.

April 13, 2023

Ahold Delhaize will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) of shareholders in Zaandam, the Netherlands.


The AGM features a hybrid format, meaning shareholders can attend and ask questions both in person and virtually. The meeting can be followed live at

During the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Frans Muller, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ahold Delhaize, and Natalie Knight, Chief Financial Officer of Ahold Delhaize, will present a review of Ahold Delhaize’s strategy for the fiscal year 2022. They will also reflect on the company’s response to changes in market conditions and in society in connection to local communities.

In addition, the leadership of Ahold Delhaize will be present throughout the meeting to answer any questions that are posed by shareholders.

During their presentation, Chief Executive Officer Frans Muller and Chief Financial Officer Natalie Knight will focus on the following subjects:

The current and future state of the company’s finances.
Ahold Delhaize is committed to a number of strategic initiatives, including health and sustainability, best talent, and omnichannel ambitions.
Ahold Delhaize’s local brands, which serve over 60 million customers each week in 10 different markets spanning the United States, Europe, and Indonesia, are featured prominently in these highlights.
In addition, the shareholders will be asked to vote on whether or not to approve the (re)appointments listed below:

Peter Agnefjall, Bill McEwan, and Katie Doyle will continue to serve on the Supervisory Board in their current capacities.
The Supervisory Board has just welcomed Julia Vander Ploeg as a new member.
It has been decided that Frans Muller will remain a member of the Management Board.
JJ Fleeman has just been added to the Management Board as a new member.
Frans Muller will continue to serve as President and CEO of Ahold Delhaize provided that the company’s shareholders give their consent to the change. JJ Fleeman will take over for Kevin Holt as CEO of Ahold Delhaize USA, while Peter Agnefjall will keep his position as Chair of the Supervisory Board.

Warning to tread carefully

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These considerations include, but are not limited to, the risk factors that have been outlined in the public filings and other disclosures made by the Company. Statements that are considered to be forward-looking are those that reflect the current views and assumptions of the Company’s management, which are based on the information that is presently available to that management.

Statements that are considered to be forward-looking are only accurate as of the date on which they are made, and the Company does not assume any obligation to update such statements, unless doing so is required by law.

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