Anita Hannemann starts her own business with EDEKA on September 1st

September 1, 2022

Anita Hannemann previously ran the EDEKA store on Bizetstrasse in Berlin as an employee. Now she is the owner and is looking forward to the challenges ahead. Image source: EDEKA Minden-Hannover

At the beginning of the month, Anita Hannemann changes from the market manager to self-employment as an EDEKA saleswoman. Previously, she managed the EDEKA store in Bizetstrasse in Berlin, which belongs to the cooperatively organized regional company EDEKA Minden-Hannover, as an employee. Now she is the owner and thus also an independent entrepreneur. “I’m happy to be able to make the store even more individual,” emphasizes Anita Hannemann. The step into self-employment was exactly the right one – she is convinced of that. She would like to continuously develop her market while always keeping an eye on the needs of the customers. Taking over her market as a self-employed businesswoman was the next milestone in Anita Hannemann’s career. Two things encouraged her in this decision. “The support of my family and my team – everyone is behind me. In addition, the principle of the cooperative made a significant contribution to my decision. The fact of being able to use the experience of other independent EDEKA retailers and experiencing the bond in this cooperative is very valuable and gives a lot of security, especially in the early days,” emphasizes the founder of the company.

Customer satisfaction has top priority
Freshness, personal service and customer satisfaction have top priority for the independent retailer. She already knows her customers from her position as store manager and always has an open ear for their needs – an offer that is not available everywhere. Customers will find around 1,500 items in their EDEKA store on a sales area of ​​around 1,100 square meters, from GUT&GÜNSTIG products at discount prices to branded items and regional, national and international specialties. The five employees and two trainees advise customers at the service counters for meat, sausage, cheese and baked goods. “With their dedication and passion, they are the key to our success,” enthuses Anita Hannemann.

Connected to the region
The market team attaches great importance to regionality. In total, the EDEKA saleswoman works with around ten suppliers from the region. Their supplier network includes, for example, Florida ice cream, Berlin coffee and products labeled “EDEKA Heimatliebe”.

Local social commitment
Anita Hannemann and her team feel connected to the region and want to show that beyond the range. Food is regularly donated to the Tafel. The money from the deposit donation box goes to the Children’s Cancer Aid.


EDEKA supports business start
-ups Anita Hannemann receives a wide range of support from her EDEKA cooperative to set up her own business. In addition to the actual trade in goods, financial services are just as important as business advice and training courses. The majority of EDEKA stores are run by independent retailers. Germany’s number 1 food retailer sees this as its key strength. The commitment of the self-employed ensures the local color of the markets, which is oriented towards the needs of the customers and the environment. In accordance with the cooperative funding mandate, EDEKA creates independent, medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses in the food trade.