Angstfrei eV and “Die Arche” Potsdam receive a combined 5,000 euros from the EDEKA Minden-Hannover Foundation.

February 14, 2023

Angstfrei eV and “Die Arche” Potsdam receive a combined 5,000 euros from the EDEKA Minden-Hannover Foundation.


The “Die Arche” Children’s Foundation for Christian Children and Youth in Potsdam and Angstfrei eV have recently received EUR 2,500 each from the philanthropic EDEKA Minden-Hannover Foundation. The foundation ambassador Peter Farbacher (EDEKA sales manager Regie-Vertrieb Ost) and Thomas Brendel (market manager of the EDEKA Center in the Stern Center) presented the symbolic donation checks to Christoph Olschewski (facility manager Die Arche Potsdam eV) and Christiane Zander in the EDEKA Center in the Stern Center (Board of Directors Angstfrei eV).


support for HIV-affected and socially disadvantaged kids


Angstfrei eV has made a commitment to helping HIV-affected and socially underprivileged kids in all facets of life. Some of the kids from this environment don’t have illnesses of their own, but they nonetheless make the bare necessities of life for their sick parents. The Angstfrei eV group offers assistance and support to kids from low-income homes who are not HIV-positive. The association’s major objective is to empower kids, especially through good encounters like outings or quick travels, so they grow into confident and jovial individuals.


make kids resilient


The goal of the children’s foundation “Die Arche” is to make life better for underprivileged kids and families in Germany. The staff members assist kids and teenagers in realising their potential, nurture their skills, and prepare them for independence. Children, teenagers, and families are the target audience for the “Arche” in Potsdam, which consists of six fundamental building blocks: food, learning, friends, leisure (a variety of offers for enjoyable leisure activities), and free meals in a secure environment with conversation partners (sustainable relationship work in a safe space in which each individual is valued),


Related to the area


EDEKA Minden-Hannover, the largest food store in the area, has long taken responsibility not just for the food in its sales area but also for society, its workers, the environment, and its community. With constant participation from the neighbourhood retail trade, the regional cooperatively structured enterprise EDEKA Minden-Hannover Foundation satisfies this need. So-called ambassador teams provide to charitable organisations or people in their area to support the activities of the foundation.