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Americans Are Getting Creative To Save Money While Dining Out

Americans are getting creative about saving money when dining out! Despite the rising cost of eating out, Americans aren’t giving up on restaurants. Instead, they look for ways to save money. Lightspeed Commerce Inc. Recent research shows that many people plan to maintain or increase their diet over the next six months.

The Food Trend Shows Good Signs For Restaurants

Lightspeed surveyed more than 7,500 diners worldwide, including 1,500 in the US. The results are promising for restaurants: 51% said they would eat out at the same rate or more often. But many diners are aware of the rising costs. Some 69% of respondents said food prices have increased, and 39% see a decrease in the size of their favourite foods. This process is called the “shrinkage posture”.

Smart Ways To Save Money

Americans are looking for smarter ways to continue dining out affordably. The survey showed that 81% of respondents eat out at least once a month, and 39% eat out once a week or more. To control spending, 43% use coupons, 39% use value meals, and 36% use happy hour specials.

Doggie Bags Are Making A Comeback

A practical way for diners to save money is to take leftovers home. Almost half (45%) of respondents ask for a dog bag. Women are more likely than men to do this, with 53% of women and 38% of men taking home the rest. Older Americans, especially those 55 and older, are also more likely to use dog bags, with 53% doing so. In Los Angeles, 51% of diners insist on taking leftovers home, indicating they are well aware of reducing food waste.

Tipping Trends

Tipping remains a hot topic. Many diners don’t like the auto-tipping prompts on the digital screen. Some 73% of respondents dislike these incentives, and 58% feel pressured to give more than they want. Despite that, many diners still generously donate money. About 38% prefer to tip 16-20%, 34% 10-15%, and 13% 21% or more.

Interestingly, diners are more willing to tip delivery drivers (61%) compared to baristas who order in coffee shops (28%) or at the counter (19%). 

Qr Codes And Menus

Most diners prefer physical menus to QR code menus. While 20% appreciate the hygienic benefits of QR codes, 89% prefer traditional menus, especially in fine dining restaurants with this preference jumping to 94% Older diners, especially those aged 65 and older, often ask for food printed They are the manufacturer. About 62% of these age groups prefer a paper menu with QR codes. Additionally, 32% admit that they are not tech-savvy enough to use QR code menus easily.

Balanced Technology And Customer Experience

Dax DaSilva, CEO, says that while technology can improve the dining experience though, it has to be balanced with consumer preferences. QR codes can be useful for table payments and quick orders, but restaurants need to be flexible and meet customer preferences. By doing so, they can enhance the dining experience and encourage repeat visits.

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