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ALDI SUISSE leads Swiss electric car charging.


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ALDI SUISSE leads Swiss electric car charging.

ALDI SUISSE, in partnership with the pioneering fast-charging company GOFAST, is embarking on an ambitious initiative to establish an extensive network of fast-charging stations catering to electric cars across Switzerland.

This visionary project aims to introduce approximately 150 fast-charging stations at various ALDI SUISSE stores nationwide, with the commencement of this venture scheduled from the summer of 2024 onwards.

By strategically integrating these stations into their retail spaces, ALDI SUISSE is reinforcing its steadfast commitment to advancing e-mobility as a progressive and eco-conscious solution for future transportation needs.

This groundbreaking collaboration marks a significant milestone in bolstering the infrastructure essential for electric vehicles in Switzerland. ALDI SUISSE is poised to facilitate customers’ transition towards eco-friendly transportation options by seamlessly combining the convenience of swift electric car charging with their routine shopping experiences.

The integration of fast-charging stations at ALDI SUISSE stores is set to revolutionize the accessibility and practicality of electric car charging across Switzerland. Jérôme Meyer, the Country Managing Director of ALDI SUISSE, expressed genuine enthusiasm about this partnership, emphasizing the potential to enhance the overall shopping experience while concurrently advocating for the widespread adoption of Swiss electric mobility.

Echoing this sentiment, Domenic Lanz, CEO of GOFAST, highlighted ALDI SUISSE’s expansive branch network and ample parking facilities as an ideal platform to foster a symbiotic relationship between rapid charging and convenient shopping.

These envisioned fast-charging stations are equipped with “high power charging” capabilities, boasting an impressive charging capacity of up to 300 kilowatts per charging point. This groundbreaking technology ensures that electric car owners can gain an impressive range of up to 200 kilometers in just ten minutes, while achieving a complete battery charge in approximately 25 minutes on average.

Furthermore, ALDI SUISSE is committed to utilizing exclusively Swiss green electricity to power these charging stations, offering multiple payment options including credit cards, common cards, or user-friendly apps from various e-mobility service providers.

The implementation of these fast-charging stations is planned to commence with the construction of the initial units in the summer of 2024, marking the initial phase of a comprehensive rollout across ALDI SUISSE’s vast network of stores.

Over the subsequent years, the retailer, in collaboration with GOFAST, aims to progressively install fast-charging stations at approximately 150 out of the existing 240 ALDI SUISSE branches, underscoring its unwavering commitment towards fostering environmentally conscious initiatives and driving sustainable change.

This partnership with GOFAST aligns seamlessly with ALDI SUISSE’s broader environmental objectives. Notably, the retailer has already made significant strides in generating green electricity, boasting nearly 78,000 photovoltaic panels and recently launching the largest photovoltaic system in the canton of St. Gallen.

Additionally, ALDI SUISSE is actively pursuing sustainability measures such as reducing packaging waste, combating food waste, and implementing strategies to diminish CO2 emissions in its logistics operations, including the deployment of fully electric trucks.

This collaborative endeavor between ALDI SUISSE and GOFAST not only signifies a transformative step towards establishing a comprehensive electric car charging infrastructure but also epitomizes their joint commitment to environmental sustainability, reinforcing the crucial role of businesses in driving positive change towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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