January 27, 2023

Since the beginning of the year 2019, when Aldi first started its programme to donate food, the grocery store has given away an official total of 30 million meals to charitable organisations.

All 990 of the supermarket’s stores in the United Kingdom are involved in the programme, which is run by the community giving platform Neighbourly, so that foodbanks, charitable organisations, and other community groups can get extra food during the entire year.

More than 4,000 charitable organisations, such as soup kitchens and children’s breakfast clubs, have benefited from the programme as a direct result of the fruitful collaboration that took place previously.

This achievement comes after Aldi made a donation of £250,000 to Neighbourly just before the holiday season. With this money, Neighbourly was able to launch its Emergency Winter Foodbank Fund and provide additional support for the heightened demand placed on these organisations.

“Reaching 30 million meals given through our relationship with Neighbourly is an extraordinary achievement,” said Liz Fox, Corporate Responsibility Director at Aldi UK. “The programme is now more crucial than ever for local community groups and charities that face growing demand,” she said.

“We are committed to doing everything that we can to support people in the communities where we trade, and via our partnership with Neighbourly, we have helped to make food more accessible for all,” said the company.

Neighbourly’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Butterworth, stated further, “We’ve worked with Aldi for several years to assist them in expanding their support for individuals who are in need. Since the beginning of our relationship, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people seeking assistance from food banks and other community organisations as a direct result of the rising cost of living that is affecting communities all throughout the United States.

“The support of both the general public and businesses such as Aldi makes a significant difference. We are aware that the gifts were beneficial to thousands of families in need as well as community organisations and charitable organisations.

Additionally, Aldi has recently expanded its cooperation with Company Shop Group in order to facilitate the redistribution of excess merchandise from its network of Regional Distribution Centers to community stores located throughout the United Kingdom.

Charities and community organisations that are interested in collaborating with Aldi are encouraged to email Neighbourly at the following address:

For more information, please contact the Aldi Press Office on:
T: 0161 235 0300 or