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Aldi Plans to Offer 500 Apprenticeship Positions in 2024

Aldi Plans to Offer 500 Apprenticeship Positions in 2024

Aldi, the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket, aims to hire more than 500 new apprentices throughout the UK in 2024. The supermarket is currently accepting applications for its apprenticeship program, providing opportunities in stores, buying, logistics, and HGV driver roles.

Aldi has recently increased pay rates for all store and warehouse colleagues, with some apprenticeship roles seeing a pay rise of up to 37%. For instance, a store apprentice can earn £8.44 per hour in the first year at Aldi and in the third year increasing to £11.83 per hour, with paid breaks. Meanwhile, those in logistics and driver roles can earn in some respects £10.96 and £14.13 per hour.

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A successful applicant will have the chance to gain industry-recognized qualifications while working and will be eligible for additional benefits, including various shopping discounts, a bike-to-work scheme, and a new option for free mortgage advice and mortgage education.

This apprenticeship initiative is part of Aldi’s broader expansion plan, with the supermarket having created 6,000 new roles across the UK last year.

Learning and Development Director of Aldi UK Lisa Murphy, expressed, “We are seeking hardworking and motivated individuals to strengthen our Aldi team. By joining our apprenticeship scheme individuals will become experts in their sector and receive magnificent skills training at one of the country which are fastest growing retailers.”


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