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ALDI Makes a Promise to Provide Lower Food Prices to More Londoners.


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ALDI Makes a Promise to Provide Lower Food Prices to More Londoners



Aldi has a multi-million dollar expansion plan that includes securing additional supermarket locations in London. #


The grocery store, which was been verified by Which? as the UK’s least expensive supermarket for the second year in a row, has promised to practically treble its 60-strong estate within the M25 and generate about 2,400 jobs. In the UK, Aldi now has around 990 locations, and later this year it will launch its 1,000th location.


Property agents are being rewarded for recommending a previously undiscovered site by receiving a finder’s fee of either 1.5% of a freehold price or 10% of the first year’s rent.


Aldi is searching for locations large enough for its typical 20,000 square foot stores, each of which requires about 100 parking places. The ideal location would be on a prominent main road with excellent visibility and access. The grocery chain also adds that it is searching for locations for its smaller Aldi Local stores, which are about 5,000 square feet in size.


It targets vacant office buildings, new housing communities, and freehold sites in town centres or on their edges that are suitable for real estate development.


“We passionately think that access to affordable, high-quality food is a right, not a privilege,” said Ben Shotter, regional managing director at Aldi. We are aware that there are still a lot of places without access to an Aldi, particularly in the city and the M25.


So many people are forced to live with high pricing at the large supermarkets as a result. We wish to open a new Aldi location so that more people can shop there for our acclaimed goods at unbelievable rates. But, London is where we are most interested in finding a location in the UK.




Contact the Aldi Press Office at T: 0161 235 0300 or aldi@citypress.co.uk for additional details.



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