Aldi Expands Growth Plan 2023

May 8, 2023

Aldi Expands Growth Plan in 2023: 120 New Stores to Open in the US


America, get ready! Aldi expands growth plans to open 120 new stores by 2023. Aldi’s growth plan will please budget-conscious buyers nationwide by offering high-quality products at excellent prices.


Aldi has made headlines recently for their plans to open 120 new stores across the US by 2023 as part of its expansion strategy. This bold step follows the success of their pandemic-hit operations last year, which increased sales and market share growth. We will explore Aldi’s growth strategy that has allowed it to become an integral player in the US grocery markets.

Aldi Expands Growth Plan 2023

Aldi stands out in its market by offering high-quality products at unbeatably low prices, keeping overhead costs low and offering discounts of up to 50% on brand items – making it a favourite among budget shoppers. Thanks to this strategy, Aldi has expanded rapidly across 37 states, with over 2000 stores operating.


Aldi’s growth strategy is built around multiple elements, including customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustainability. Aldi conducts regular surveys among its shoppers to learn what they want before using this feedback to refine its products and services based on this commitment to quality and value. For these reasons, Aldi has amassed an enormous customer base that values Aldi.

Aldi Expands Growth Plan 2023


Aldi emphasises innovation, such as its collaboration with Instacart to offer same-day grocery delivery across the US. Furthermore, Aldi launched their curbside pickup service, which has proven popular during pandemic outbreaks.


Aldi places great emphasis on sustainability. They have pledged to reduce plastic packaging by 25 per cent by 2025, and over 90% of their fresh meat comes from sustainable suppliers. Aldi has also invested heavily in solar energy by installing over 200,000 solar panels throughout its stores and warehouses.


Aldi’s expansion plan for 2023 will see them enter new markets such as Arizona, Louisiana, and Oklahoma while expanding existing ones like California, Florida and Illinois. Their 120 new stores will create thousands of jobs while bringing affordable, high-quality groceries to more communities nationwide.

Aldi Expands Growth Plan 2023

Aldi’s growth strategy has already produced impressive results. US sales reached $25 billion for 2020 – a remarkable 20% year-on-year increase; additionally, Kantar data indicates an increase in market share by 0.4% during the 12 weeks leading up to February 21st 2021.


Aldi faces stiff competition from other discount retailers like Walmart and Lidl. Yet, its unique business model and focus on efficiency give Aldi an edge, allowing it to provide lower prices and more excellent value than some of its competitors.



Aldi’s plans to open 120 stores in the US by 2023 are evidence of its commitment to growth and innovation. By prioritising customer satisfaction, sustainability, and efficiency as critical tenets of their strategy.

Aldi has become a leading player in the US grocery market with a loyal customer base and proven growth plan – plans such as this expansion plan only look set to cement this success further into its future success.