Thursday, July 25, 2024

Aldi Cuts Prices on Over 45 Fruits and Veggies for Big Savings

more than forty-five different fruits and vegetables have been decreased in price by Aldi.

Starting today, the UK’s cheapest supermarket will offer shoppers even better deals on products such as berries, oranges, tomatoes and fresh salads. Avocados and peppers are also among items affected by the new prices which have an 11% average drop. This move is part of a £34m investment in keeping costs low.

Earlier this year the discount retailer pledged to cut extra prices in 2024 with the aim of helping people save more money. Julie Ashfield, Aldi UK’s Managing Director of Buying said; “We are determined to be the cheapest supermarket in Britain while providing excellent quality for our customers. These latest reductions will mean that we always deliver lowest prices for fresh and healthy products.”

Aldi was crowned the cheapest supermarket according to Which? in April this year. The publication found that Aldi’s shopping basket was £31.23 cheaper than Waitrose and 15% less costly than the Big Four chains.

Some of the New Lower Prices:

  1. Courgettes (500g) -> £1.29 (previously £1.39)
  2. Raspberries (225g) -> £2.29 (previously £2.39)
  3. Blueberries (400g) -> £3.29 (previously £3.39)
  4. Large Oranges (4pk) -> £1.69 (previously £1.89)
  5. Mini Easy Peelers (500g) -> £0.89 (previously £0.95)
  6. Unwashed Baby Spinach (450g) -> £1.49 (previously £1.69)
  7. Sweet Mixed Pepper (3pk) -> £1.69 (previously £1.79)
  8. Avocado (Each) -> £0.89 (previously £0.95)
  9. Everyday Essentials Strawberries (227g) -> £1.09 (previously £1.49)

The strategy of lowering prices supports people in gaining access to fresh, healthy foods at cheaper prices, which underlines Aldi’s position as a pioneer in budget grocery shopping.

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