A relationship with Anbauverband Biokreis e.V. allows EDEKA to strengthen its specialised retail brand NATURKIND as it continues to grow in the organic sector.

February 1, 2023

The organic offensive of the EDEKA network is growing even more. The Anbauverband Biokreis e.V. joins the organic retail brand NATURKIND as a powerful partner for goods from organic farming. NATURKIND was initially introduced in the spring of 2022. These greatly surpass EU organic criteria in terms of quality and sustainable production. The collaboration is a cornerstone of EDEKA’s mission to provide public access to high-quality organic food.

The specialty retail brand NATURKIND, which was launched by EDEKA in 2022, is continuing to make progress toward its goal of being successful. Despite the fact that inflation and the energy crisis caused a decline in consumption of organic food throughout Germany in 2022 and that the market shrank for the first time ever in 2021, the organic specialist retail brand NATURKIND has been able to expand its product and sales figures since it was first introduced in April of that year. The EDEKA network has previously collaborated with the agricultural associations Bioland e.V., Naturland e.V., and Biopark e.V., and their new relationship with Biokreis e.V. is yet another significant step forward in the implementation of their sustainability strategy. As is the case with all NATURKIND partners, farmers that are a part of Biokreis are required to follow norms that exceed the organic requirements of the EU.

Markus Mosa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDEKA ZENTRALE Stiftung & Co. KG, feels positive about the following statement: “We have a specific obligation to spread awareness about organic food because we are the largest food retailer in Germany. Our organic offensive has taken a significant step forward thanks to our partnership with Biokreis e.V., which enables us to position our product range in an even broader context and to continue to satisfy the high organic demand that our clients have.” More than 1,350 agricultural firms, 125 processing companies, and 65 trading companies have been members of Biokreis e.V. since 1979, and the association Biokreis e.V. is likewise certain that the cooperation will be beneficial. “We are an organisation with robust regional networks, and our mission is to ensure that agriculture is as sustainable as it is ecological, transparent, and frugal with its resources. On this journey, we place a premium on expressing and receiving gratitude from one another. We are now able to reach customers that we have not been able to serve in the past since we have an appropriate and powerful partner by our side in the form of NATURKIND. This is beneficial not only to us, but also to the further development of organic products and, by extension, to the health of the environment and animals “says Josef Brunnbauer, Managing Director of Biokreis e.V..

Clear direction is ensured for the now more than 60 different NATURKIND products by not only the logos of the numerous agriculture associations, but also by additional sustainability seals like FAIRTRADE, the Blue Angel of the Ministry of the Environment, or the Panda, which is the logo of the WWF.