A new EDEKA facility opens in Bernburg.

February 23, 2023

A new EDEKA facility opens in Bernburg.


From the end of May 2023, the independent retailer Heiko Grunert will manage the new EDEKA Center at Gröbziger Straße 61 in Bernburg, which has a sales area of roughly 2,700 square metres. His 80-member staff is eagerly anticipating opening day. Heiko Grunert, an independent EDEKA merchant in Aschersleben for more than six years, says, “We are very happy to be able to give our customers a diverse range and personal service from May.” We guarantee local supply at this location with about 35,000 items, including 9,000 GUT&GÜNSTIG products at discount rates, branded items, and national, international, and regional specialties.


Heiko Grunert is especially proud of the cutting-edge, well-stocked service counters for meat, sausage, cheese, fish, and baked goods, where patrons can choose from a variety of locally produced goods. Customers will also be persuaded by the selection of fresh fish, fish specialties, smoked fish, big selection of homemade salads, and fish from the area. For this reason, the EDEKA Center Grunert will incorporate the popular “Fischwerker” idea with the tagline “Don’t hesitate – pack the fish.” In addition, customers have the chance to linger in the adjoining café – with 55 seats inside and 30 outside – when, for example, their own car is charged inexpensively at one of the three charging stations in the car park, or their e-bikes are charged free of charge.


The market also emphasises working with local vendors. Marcus Sperling, shop manager at the brand-new EDEKA centre, explains that by doing this, “we are strengthening the local economic power.” Companies from the Salzland region undoubtedly play a unique role. We also take part in the idea of the “Salzlandkarte,” which is the contemporary and local form of payment for the Salzlandkreis.


Before the opening, there are still a few tasks to complete. However, the building’s basic structure is already in place, and internal construction is going smoothly. Additionally, Heiko Grunert is still hiring employees across the board. Applications may be delivered in person at the EDEKA Center in Aschersleben or emailed to heiko.grunert@minden.edeka.de by interested parties.