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Sainsbury’s Pours £6 Million Yearly into Dairy Farmers: A Game-Changing Boost for the Industry


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In a bold move to ensure the future of the dairy industry, Sainsbury’s has announced a groundbreaking investment of £6 million per annum in its dairy farmers. This visionary initiative follows a substantial £8.9 million booster payment extended to dairy farmers just last April, adding to the impressive £66 million already provided in support over the past year. Buckle up for the exciting details of how this strategic investment is set to reshape the landscape of dairy farming.

Key Highlights

  • Sainsbury’s uplifts dairy farmers with an extra £6 million annual investment.
  • The retailer adds to the momentum with a £8.9 million booster payment given to dairy farmers in April.
  • An additional 1p per litre is committed on top of the independently calculated Cost of Production price, potentially increasing farms’ income by £27,000 annually.
  • Sustainable activity bonuses of up to 1p per litre offer an opportunity for farms to embrace future-proof practices.

The Dairy Delight: Sainsbury’s Generous Investment

Starting next month, dairy farmers supplying Sainsbury’s with milk will experience a windfall as the retailer embarks on a transformative journey by investing an astounding £6 million annually to strengthen and support the future of farming. The recent exodus of dairy farmers, with nearly 5% leaving the industry due to rising costs, combined with the prediction that one in 10 will exit by 2025, underscores the pressing need for such visionary action.

Reimagining Support: A Step Ahead

Acknowledging the intricacies of farming, Sainsbury’s embarked on a comprehensive review to reimagine how it pays farmers for their invaluable contribution. Partnering with its Dairy Development Group (SDDG) farmer steering group, Sainsbury’s recognized the volatility of input costs and the substantial capital required by dairy farmers. With a trailblazing commitment, the retailer sought innovative ways to secure the future of this vital industry.

A Year of Unprecedented Support

The journey of support for British farmers has been momentous, with Sainsbury’s injecting over £66 million into the industry over the past year. This forward momentum is elevated with a game-changing decision set to take effect from 1 October. This substantial investment complements the £8.9 million booster payment extended to SDDG farmers in April last year. Notably, since introducing the Cost of Production model in 2012, Sainsbury’s has consistently paid farmers an impressive 2.45p per litre more than the market average, resulting in an astounding £114 million benefit overall.

Empowering Farmers: Unveiling the New Model

In an extraordinary move, a significant portion of this renewed investment, amounting to £4.3 million, will be dedicated to granting farmers a fixed 1p per litre for milk. This will be added on top of the independently calculated Cost of Production price. For an average farm producing around 2.7 million litres per year, this translates to a potential bonus of £27,000 annually. Such support is designed to empower dairy farmers to embrace innovation, safeguarding their production for years to come.

Sustainability Meets Success

Parallel to the invigorating price model, Sainsbury’s commits an additional £1.7 million to sustainability bonuses. These rewards will be conferred to farmers contributing to Sainsbury’s Plan for Better targets, with a specific focus on carbon reduction. Sustainable practices, such as using responsibly sourced feed and optimizing fertilizer usage, will be the key to earning these bonuses. As Sainsbury’s redirects its focus toward sustainability, the investment is expected to soar.

Embracing a Changing Landscape

With impending compliance legislation on the horizon, dairy farmers face the necessity of costly updates to their infrastructure. The impending need for upgrades, including enhanced feed storage and larger slurry storage capacity, is a challenge. Sainsbury’s unwavering support seeks to embolden farmers to embrace these necessary changes, ushering in a new era of long-term sustainability and prosperity.

Gavin Hodgson: A Visionary Perspective

Gavin Hodgson, the Director of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Horticulture at Sainsbury’s, eloquently sums up the retailer’s commitment. He emphasizes the growing challenges faced by the dairy industry and the pivotal role Sainsbury’s plays in supporting farmers. The £6 million annual investment represents a testament to the retailer’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future for farmers and securing a reliable supply of British milk for its customers.

The Foundation of Support: Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group

The inception of the Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group (SDDG) in 2007 marked a turning point for farmers. Comprising more than 260 farms supplying Sainsbury’s with its brand of milk, this influential group spearheads change in the industry. For those curious to learn more about these visionary farmers, detailed information is available on the official Sainsbury’s website.

Fueling Growth: The Cost of Production Model

Since 2012, the Cost of Production model has underpinned Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group’s efforts to provide stable and consistent milk pricing. This groundbreaking model has propelled farmers toward success, generating a fair and independently calculated price that ensures profitability for their tireless efforts.

Navigating Uncertainty: Farmers’ Plight and Industry Insights

Recent reports have cast light on the industry’s trials, as dairy farmers grapple with escalating costs and navigate uncertainty. Stories of 5% of dairy farmers leaving the industry last year, coupled with the sobering projection that a tenth of them might depart by 2025, underscore the urgency of decisive action.

Legislation Looms: The Environment Act 2021

As dairy farmers brace for new compliance legislation, significant investments are anticipated to ensure farms meet new standards. Upgrading facilities, enhancing feed storage, and enlarging slurry storage capacity are vital steps to aligning with evolving regulations. Sainsbury’s unwavering financial support emerges as a lifeline, emboldening farmers to embrace these transformative changes with confidence.

Crafting the Future: Sustainability and Security

The heart of Sainsbury’s commitment lies in securing a sustainable and thriving future for dairy farmers. The retailer’s visionary investment promises to safeguard the industry, empower farmers to embrace innovation, and provide a steady stream of high-quality British milk for generations to come.

Unveiling Tomorrow: A Bright Prospect

Sainsbury’s monumental investment casts a radiant glow on the future of dairy farming. The £6 million annual commitment, coupled with bonuses for sustainable practices, reinforces the retailer’s pledge to champion British milk and secure a thriving future for farmers and consumers alike.

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In conclusion, Sainsbury’s awe-inspiring commitment of £6 million annually to dairy farmers paints a picture of a flourishing future for the industry. As the dairy landscape evolves, this visionary investment promises to empower farmers, foster sustainability, and ensure the availability of British milk for generations to come.

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